Nicki Minaj Gets Fans Hyped Up With Twitter Suprise!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj does not need a hype man, she can get her fans all hyped up herself, as proven on Twitter, with her teasing about a surprise. Her followers came out in the thousands tweeting and re-tweeting #MTVHOTTEST Nicki Minaj, in hopes to be one of the first to see what she had in store for them. She did not disappoint, as her picture for her newest music hit the web, and the fans ate it up. Anaconda, the stars newest, is coming out on iTunes at the end of the month, and the bare bottomed Minaj photo that is the cover photo advertising it, is raising eyebrows, as well as her followers hopes that this will top her last drop. The surprise was just what her fans needed to keep them interested and her relevant. She can add business savvy and social media professional to her resume, as she always seems to get interest in her projects churning even before they come out.

The rapper’s last teaser that sent the web all a twitter was her collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jessie J by posting a brief clip from the song Bang Bang which zeroed in on Minaj’s rap portion of the tune. This teaser got fans of all three of the stars waiting for its release.  The pop icon is no stranger to being in, or creating her own media, and is certainly not afraid to show her body, as evidenced by her appearance at summer jam. She certainly knows how to show off her best assets, and the singer also knows how to get the people talking. Her fans even beat her to the punch when it came to tweeting out the Anaconda teaser, having it posted at least 10 minutes before the star herself posted it. Instagram to Twitter in 10 seconds, the Minaj fans came out in force and obviously are so dedicated that they took the picture from Instagram and tweeted it out within seconds of the first sighting.

The super star is one of a kind in the world of rap with her use of accents and the rapid fire pace of her lyrics, as well as her distinctive fashion flair giving her fashionista status as well. She may well be one of the most recognized people today, even by those that do not listen to her music. Although the colorful wigs have not made as many appearances as they had in the past, her followers are infatuated with the brunette beauty.

Minaj made history having over 44 appearances on Billboards Hot 100 in 2013. She has released her own perfume and has had endorsements with Adidas and Pepsi to name a few. The star has even tested the waters on doing voice work with a role in Ice Age Continental Drift. Her awards are numerous and range from BET awards to her five Billboard awards. Nicki Minaj on Twitter hyping and teasing her up coming work has left her followers wanting more, and this is one star that never fails to disappoint.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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