Prostitute Accused of Google Executive Heroin Overdose

heroin overdose

A high profile and reportedly expensive prostitute is accused by police in Santa Cruz, California of injecting Google executive Forest Timothy Hayes with a lethal dose of heroin, then leaving the man to die of overdose.The high-class hooker has been accused by authorities of letting an executive from a major tech company die from a lethal heroin overdose that she allegedly injected into him before he died. The encounter between the woman, who is admittedly an escort that charges top dollar for her services, reportedly happened in November, according to most recent reports coming in from California.

The heroin overdose case is making big headlines across the news spectrum this week, particularly because the executive worked for one of the most influential companies in North America and the world. The incident became trending news after police made an arrest.

The woman accused of allowing the Google executive to die and possibly injecting Hayes with the heroin is Alix Catherine Tichelman. Tichelman was a resident of the town of Folsom, which is located in Sacramento County, California. Prosecutors are charging the high-class hooker with manslaughter.

Reports coming from San Francisco suggest the possibility that the prosecution does not believe they can prove that Tichelman intended to kill Hayes, even though police have indicated that they have evidence to substantiate that she did kill the Google executive. A video reportedly shows Tichelman stepping over Hayes after he fell to the floor as a result of the heroin overdose. She just left him there to die, according to police reports.

Santa Cruz police released a statement saying they arrested the 26-year-old Tichelman on Independence Day, July 4. Authorities from the police department said in the press release that she was arrested for murder of a 51-year-old Santa Cruz man. SCPD Detectives learned that Tichelman had sex with the Google executive, Hayes, not long before he died of the heroin overdose.

The press release went on to detail how police were able to collect testimony that Tichelman bragged of having more than 200 clients. She reportedly had obtained their names through online solicitation. According to the police, Tichelman injected Hayes with heroin and the video footage shows it. The video allegedly shows her collecting her things and leaving as Hayes loses consciousness. According to the press release, Tichelman did not even attempt to provide assistance or call emergency services. Reports also indicate Tichelman finished drinking a glass of wine after Hayes lost consciousness.

A policeman posed as a potential client with $1,000 in exchange for sex in order to arrest her on the charges. She was also charged with possession of an illegal substance.

Police are also reportedly investigating Tichelman in another case that occurred in a different state involving “similar circumstances.” A heroin overdose was the purported cause of one of Tichelman;s past clients there, also. Online profiles reportedly stated that Tichelman is from Atlanta and studied journalism in college at Georgia State University. On the profiles, Tichelman described herself as a makeup artist.

On Wednesday, Google executive Forest Timothy Hayes was memorialized by family, friends and co-workers online even as as other reports about his death and Tichelman’s alleged involvement in it have surfaced. He died November 23 on his yacht. Hayes was said to be a family man, with several children and a wife. Hayes also worked at Sun Microsystems and Apple, according to reports. Tichelman, the alleged prostitute accused of the Google executive heroin overdose, will face prosecutors in California.

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