Real Madrid Transfers Could Form Super Team

Real Madrid

Once again Real Madrid is active in the transfer market to form what could be another super team. With the Whites wheeling and dealing, by the time they are done the side could be another Champions League winner or could be a Galacticos squad adding up to less than the sum of its parts. Current transfer targets Toni Kroos of Germany and James Rodriguez, if signed, could hand the Madrid club a vital cog from the likely FIFA World Cup champions and also the possible winner of the Golden Boot Award. The duo of Kroos and Rodriguez, when combined with the elite play of Cristiano Ronaldo, could create a potentially unbeatable juggernaut at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti and President Florentino Perez certainly have no problem taking risks to improve the side. After winning the Champions League, standing pat would generally be viewed as a viable strategy. Nevertheless, moving ahead to constantly improve the club is part of their DNA and the current transfer window is no exception.

Even with Colombia’s loss in the quarter finals, James Rodriguez remains the breakout star of the FIFA World Cup. His six goals still leave him tied for the World Cup lead. The attacking midfielder put the Colombian side on his back and led them farther than initially anticipated. His current club, Monaco, is reportedly seeking at least €75 million to secure his services. Always throwing caution to the wind, the Whites are currently in discussions to allow Angel Di Maria to leave for a price possibly in the €60 million range. Di Maria could go either to Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester United. Ancelotti and Florentino are intrigued by the scoring potential of adding Rodriguez to the Ronaldo and Gareth Bale combination. Rodriguez is hopeful for a Real transfer, but also notes that Monaco and its President Dmitry Rybolovlev will have the final say regarding any transfer.

If Real Madrid can secure Rodriguez and nail down the transfer of Kroos, they could become an unbeatable super team, at least on paper. Kroos has been fueding with Bayern Munich over his compensation and reports indicate that the Whites can secure his services for a transfer fee in the range of €20 to €25 million. Kroos could be the puzzle piece which can keep the potential super team on track. Kroos has shown an exceptional ability to keep his side organized throughout FIFA World Cup play. His passing accuracy could prove deadly when paired with the likes of Ronaldo, Rodriguez and Bale. Further, with Rodriguez being 23-years-old and Kroos only 24, both players will only improve over the next few years barring injury. Some argue that Kroos is a front-runner who does well only when his team is humming; however, the criticism may not be applicable for Real Madrid if the team plays to its capabilities on a regular basis.

Any time a team with a winning combination attempts to make changes, risk will be involved. Nevertheless, Ancelotti and Florentino are the ultimate risk takers. Instead, they see standing still as the major risk as their competitors seek to improve. Adding young stars to the mix could blow up in their faces or create an excellent core for years to come. Real Madrid will choose the possibilities of youthful excellence every time in order to form a potential super team during this transfer window.

Commentary by William Costolo

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