Rising Star on ABC Duel Rounds Night #2 [Review & Videos]

Rising Star

Rising Star on ABC tonight will have its second night of the Duel Rounds, in which contestants go head-to-head against each other. The West Coast saved Lisa Punch last week. Sic more talented singers will face the Wall tonight. The Experts, Brad Paisley, Kesha and Ludicrous, make up the panel and can add their votes to America’s.

Josh Groban is the host of Rising Star. The first person who sings in each duel will sing in front of the Wall, and the second will sing behind it. Gabrielle Nicole vs. Macey Kate will be the first Duel Round. Gabrielle Nicole will sing first. Both women are extremely confident of victory, but going against each other so soon in the competition will be tough.

Gabrielle tells the Experts “I have to go in there and do something crazy or I’ll be left in the dust.” She will be singing River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner.

Ludicrous and Brad Paisley, then Kesha, contributed their votes to her overall total. She ROCKED this song OUT! The audience clapped along with her from the very beginning of the song, though she only ended with 49 percent of the overall votes of America and the Experts combined.

Ludicrous said “I had to vote yes.”

Kesha agreed saying that she “went b***s out,” with her performance.

Brad Paisley said “I don’t know why the score wasn’t any higher.”

Macey Kate, 16, a competitive singer in Florida, will go next. She received 93 percent of America’s votes in the Audition Rounds. She will sing Demons by Imagine Dragons. She said “Going second is taking an incredible risk.”

Macey played the piano as she sang, She started off the song very powerfully and KICKED BUTT with her performance. She ended with 80 percent of the overall votes of America, easily winning in this first Duel Round of the night on Rising Star.

Kesha said “It’s a tragedy to lose either of you. You both were amazing tonight.”

Brad voted no for her. He said that Gabby, in comparison, left nothing up there.”

Ludicrous said “I really hope that the West Coast saves my girl, here.”

Back from break, Josh talks with Kesha about her “Cat Cult.” Then, Josh brought out a giant ball of yarn for her to play with.

Sonnet Simmons vs April Lockhart will be the second Duel Round of the evening on Rising Star. Sonnet Simmons will go first. She will sing Feeling Good. Kesha tells her “I want you to sing it like you’ve never sung in your entire life.”

Sonnet knows that she must bring her “A game” in order to win. She starts off very well, getting the audience to cheer and clap for her right from the very beginning as she sings. Kesha votes yes for her, then Brad Paisley adds his vote, followed by Ludicrous. She NAILS this song, winding up with 73 percent of the total votes.

Brad said “That’s a gutsy song. You have such a unique voice. I want to hear you sing a James Bond song.”

Kesha also voted yes. Because of shortness of time, Ludicrous did not have a chance to give his comments. Rising Star went to another commercial break.

It will definitely be difficult for April Lockhart, 19, to beat her, but she is a great singer, so it is possible. Kesha tells her to “focus on the notes in the second verse,” though she says that April “can win.”

April will be singing Animal. She also has a strong start, with the audience clapping along from the start. Kesha votes yes for her, as does Brad Paisley. This duel might end up being a close one. Ludicrous votes yes, towards the end of the song. She gets 76 percent of the votes of America, a great score, making her the winner of this Duel Round.

Ludicrous said that “This is the most times I’ve voted yes on any show. I’m very proud of you.”

Brad said “Your voice is so likable. Everything about you is likable.” There is not enough time to hear Kesha’s comments.

Josh said that Austin French will take on Adam Jaymes next on Rising Star, right after more commercials. April Lockhart did a fantastic job singing Animal, beating Sonnet. Maybe the West Coast will save Sonnet with their votes.

Back on Rising Star, Adam Jaymes and Austin French will go head-to-head. Austin will be singing first. Both singers got the same percentage their initial rounds.

Ludicrous said “You have the vocal part down. You just have to own the stage.”

Austin will be singing I Don’t Want to Be. He has a very soulful-sounding voice and elicited cheers from the audience as he sang. Like with the other singers tonight, the audience clapped along right from the beginning. He has an AMAZING voice, easily getting over 70 percent. He ended up with 81 percent, the highest total so far tonight.

Kesha said “That was super-soulful! You left it all on the stage!”

Ludicrous said “You make everyone happy in here! You convinced me!”

After more commercials, Adam Jaymes will try to beat Austin French. He will have his work cut out for him.

Adam will be singing the Tom Petty song Free Fallin’. Brad tells Adam that “You both are such similar singers.”

Adam accompanies himself on his guitar as he sings. He hits the higher notes with ease and sings a cool, soulful version of the song. The audience cheers and claps along as he sings. Ludicrous votes no, however, seemingly not impressed. Brad adds his votes, as does Kesha; but, he only received 53 percent of America’s overall votes, not enough to go through.

Ludicrous said “I felt you did good, but just not great. I didn’t think you gave it your all. I had to vote no, but I still believe in you.”

Kesha said “From a lady’s perspective, you looked good. The momentum wasn’t there. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a beautiful voice.”

Brad said “It was a bold choice. It is what it is. You were going against one of the best singers tonight.”

The three performers who made it through on Rising Star tonight were Macey Kate, April Lockhart and Austin French. The remaining eight performers will be in next week’s Duel Rounds. The competition, according to the voice-over announcer, “will reach fever pitch” next week.

This week’s episode of Rising Star was great, but there was no one who equaled the performance and score of over 90 that Jesse Kinch got the first night of the Duel Rounds on Rising Star. Still, the three winners were very impressive and will be tough contenders throughout the rest of the season. Austin French had the highest score of the night on Rising Star, with 81 percent of the votes of America, but Macey Kate, at 80 percent, was just one percent behind him. If they ever have to go head-to-head in the coming weeks, that would be a very interesting battle.

Written By: Douglas Cobb