Saul Goodman Already Back for Two Seasons


Saul Goodman was first introduced in the second season of Breaking Bad. At the time fans may not have realized the extent of his character’s role. He started as the mere lawyer with billboards and television commercials, who was to represent Jesse Pinkman’s friend and dealer, Badger, when he was caught selling their crystal meth. He seemed to be of high scruples, turning down the $10,000 bribe Walter White offered him while posing as Badger’s uncle, Mr. Mayhew. That was until he was kidnapped by Walt and Jesse, who were armed with guns and ski masks. Goodman quickly realized it was Mr. Mayhew who kidnapped him when a coughing fit ruins Walt’s persona, and he is quickly forced to make the best of a bad situation. He tells them to put money in his pocket so he would be legally representing them, and quickly solves the dilemma. A casual watcher may have thought that this where Saul’s story ends, but he then finds Walt in class and admonishes him for being so easy to track. Saul offers to be Walt’s consigliere, claiming that Walt has the right product but not the proper distribution, and that he could help him make more money and keep it too. This was five years ago in 2009, now Saul Goodman is back in the limelight, headlining his own spinoff, Better Call Saul, which has already been greenlit for two seasons.

Die hard fans may have been counting the days until the spinoff was to be released in November of this year. Unfortunately for them, the showrunner and creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, and writer for Breaking Bad who is now co-showrunner for Better Call Saul, Peter Gould, said that the premier will be pushed back to 2015. Gilligan apologized to his fans for the delay, telling them, that it was possible to meet the deadline, but when it comes to tv shows, he is very slow. Gould chimed in to say that they were striving to keep the same standard of excellence that was introduced by Breaking Bad. They continued to say that was one of the reasons that the last season of Breaking Bad was split into two, they needed more time to finish. They also do not want the show to run like “a clip show” recapping all the favorite moments of Breaking Bad, they want the show to be a standalone success. In that vein, they are still trying to work out who is Saul Goodman, why did he change his name from Jimmy McGill, what did it solve, and on from there. The creators liken it to a “rubik’s cube” that they are still trying to solve, with the added difficulty of telling the story in random order, as they writers like to jump around. The good news is, no matter how long it takes for the script to be pieced together for season one, Saul Goodman has already been confirmed for two.

The premier will be directed by Gilligan and the rest of the show will be run by the man who created Saul’s character, Gould. It will start six years before Breaking Bad did, in 2002, before Saul Goodman even existed. Just like Breaking Bad chronicled the transition from struggling father and teacher Walter White, who was riddled with cancer and later became the kingpin that is Heisenberg, Better Call Saul will chronicle the transition of Jimmy McGill struggling lawyer into savvy Saul Goodman, esquire. It has been confirmed that McGill’s brother, Chuck, will be a regular played by Michael Kean, and Mike Ehrmantraut will be McGill’s Private Investigator, still played by Jonathan Banks. Many other names have joined the cast including; Rhea Seahorn, Michael Mando and Patrick Fabian. The creators also dropped a hint that Giancarlo Esposito might be making a return to the show as well.

At the moment they are finishing the script for episode eight, and are starting production on episode four. However, an exact date for 2015 has not been set, which might be off-putting to some of the fans. But they can take solace in the fact that Saul Goodman is back for more, and his story is already guaranteed to last two seasons, with a minimum of 23 episodes.

By Eddie Mejia

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