Selena Gomez Got a Boob Job?

Selena Gomez

It seems like Selena Gomez has gotten a boob job, and now many are hoping that it was not for the sake of Justin Bieber. The Come and Get It singer was recently spotted in a black strappy top, looking perkier than ever. Compared with other recent photos of the 21-year-old, there have certainly been some changes, and a bra cannot be to blame!

She will not be the first star to go under the knife, and it could have been for her own insecurities. Kaley Cuoco recently spoke out about her decision to get breast implants when she was 18. At the time, she was not happy with the way she looked and now believes it was the best thing that she ever did.

The problem for Gomez is that she is currently going through a lot of ups and downs. As well as battling lupus, the singer is currently fighting with her off-again boyfriend, Bieber. Part of that was due to his relationship with model Chantel Jeffries. The most recent problem has been him getting back at her for their July 4 fight, by allegedly having a three-way with Jeffries and her 18-year-old friend Yovanna Ventura. Many would understand if the 21-year-old singer feels the need to compete and going under the knife is possibly her way to do just that.

However, Gomez possibly getting a boob job because of her ex-boyfriend could be something she regrets late. It just shows how potentially toxic this relationship has been for the star. Could it really have knocked her confidence so much that she feels the need to change her body? Or does she really believe that it will be the way to get her boyfriend back?

There is the chance that it is a birthday present to herself. Her 22nd birthday is coming up this month, and she will want to look and feel great. Since nobody really knows what is going on in her head, it is possible that she planned this for some time.

Bieber is yet to say anything about the new look, but it would be unsurprising if he tried to get back with her again. Despite all the arguments, there is still a soft spot for the former Disney star, and he does like the female figure.

There were rumors earlier in the year that the Come and Get It singer was considering plastic surgery because that was something Bieber wanted. It seems she has now opted for it. The question is whether it was really for the Canadian pop star, or whether it is something she believes is right for her. It is possible that the appointment was booked long before the July 4 argument, and that she still thinks that now is the perfect time to opt for it.

However, shortly after a photo of Bieber with Ventura was shared, the Wizards of Waverly Place actress shared a cryptic message on her Instagram. She mentioned not comparing herself with others, suggesting that the decision to go under the knife was not a way to compete with others in her ex’s life. There are hopes that Gomez has not gotten the boob job for the sake of her ex-boyfriend.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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