Starbucks and Reasons to Love It


Starbucks has become an internationally recognized symbol, as people all across the globe share in enjoying a cup of coffee, adding to the rich tradition of coffee houses being a place of comfort, conversation and contemplation. As the world’s most successful coffee retailer, there are many reasons to love Starbucks .

The coffee giant was conceived in 1971 when the first store was opened in Seattle, Washington, by its original founders Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker and Jerry Baldwin. The store initially started as a place that sold coffee-making equipment and coffee beans. However when Howard Schultz was hired 10 years later he believed that the store would be more successful if it provided a service for people rather than a product. When the original owners did not agree with Schultz’s idea of creating drinks, he split off from the company and started the II Giornale coffee bar in 1986.

A year later the original founders decided to sell their company to Schultz, who then renamed all his II Giornale coffee bars to Starbucks and expanded the locations to different parts of the U.S. Japan became the first international location to open a one of the stores and today there are 20,514 stores locations in 65 different countries since March 30, 2014.

Starbucks’ reach and presence has become a global phenomenon as people all over the world have come to depend on its coffee as a life necessity. Although it has had its own mishaps, there are still many reasons to love the world’s largest coffee-retailer.

Starbuck’s mission is to inspire the human spirit everywhere they go, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. They transform every city that they build in, providing people with the convenience and comfort of coffee. Starbucks has even transcended cultural norms and has become a universal symbol over the world. People all around the world know they can find a good standard cup of coffee there.

Besides bringing good drinks, Starbucks provides a good experience, a necessary space for people to connect, relax and let the creativity flow. The design and ambiance creates a sense of comfort, ease and inspiration. Sipping on a cup of warm coffee and inhaling the smell of roasted beans while reading a book, studying, relaxing or conversing with a friend creates an experience to be cherished.

Aside from giving a good cup of coffee and a nice experience, Starbucks gives people another reason to love them by being socially conscious and ethical in their practices. In an era where so many people are being exploited for their labor and unfair wages do not ensure quality of life for workers, Starbucks is taking a huge step in standing against this injustice. They use responsible purchasing practices, advocate for forest conservation programs and support farmer loans. By doing so they create a culture of sustainability for the farmers and ensure that they will have a good long-term environment for growing their products.

In addition to ethically sourcing their products, Starbucks believes in being good stewards of the environment. They are working on reducing their ecological footprint and reducing both energy and food waste that adds pollution to the environment. They accomplish this by doing green construction, recycling and using water and energy more efficiently. In addition they believe in being involved with the community. As their website states, they wish to give one million volunteer hours to the communities they are in by 2015.

These are just a few reasons to love Starbucks. The benefit and the impact that they have had around the world is far-reaching. As they continue to expand, they will continue to offer individuals and communities the opportunity to enjoy their services.

Opinion by Joyce Chu


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