Taylor Swift: Why Is She Still Single?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift just might be more famous for her quick, high profile relationships than her hit country songs. Even Swift freely admits that most of her albums are inspired by her falling in love, breaking-up, and having her heart broken. However, lately Taylor Swift has not dated anyone, and fans are starting to wonder why is the country singer still single?

In the past, Swift has been publicly linked to many famous celebrities. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Harry Styles have all been romantically involved with the country singer. Swift has also been linked to singer Adam Young, from Owl City, and the late Corey Montenith, from Glee, although they never publicly dated, the singer did write a song about both men.

When Swift’s romances began to follow a pattern of intense adoration, followed by a quick and messy breakup, the country singer became the target of many jokes. The media, and even some fans, started to question whether Swift was the problem. The country singer seemed to jump into relationships very quickly, spend every second with her boyfriend, and then break up in a dramatic way. Then, everything that went wrong in the relationship would be fully documented in a song, for her fans to dissect.

Tabloids splashed every coffee run and outing Swift made with her boyfriends across the front pages. Fans bought into the fantasy that the current man Taylor was dating was the perfect one, because they seemed so in love. However, to the constant growing disappointment of fans, the couple would break up a few weeks later, and Swift would spill what went wrong in a new song. Many jokes were made about Swift dating famous men, only to get a hit song out of them.

After splitting from Harry Styles, Taylor Swift has remained single. It has been a very long time since she has been linked to anyone romantically. It’s possible that the singer’s publicity team has encouraged her to stop dating so publicly, for fear of a backlash among her fans. It makes sense, since Swift has built her brand on being a wholesome and ladylike role model. Dating so many people, in such a quick succession, would give anyone a reputation as someone who gets around. That image is definitely something that would hurt Swift’s brand.

Since Taylor Swift has not been linked to anyone publicly in a very long time, perhaps the singer is also aware of her reputation with men. Because Swift dates men that her fans have crushes on, she may also be aware that dating these men and discarding them so quickly, might alienate her female fans too. Or perhaps it’s not a Swift’s choice at all, but men have started avoiding her, because they are leery about being put into a song if it doesn’t work out.

With a new album to write, it might worry fans that Taylor Swift has been single for so long. What would the singer write about, if not about the perfection of new love and the anguish of a breakup? Swift could write about finding herself, outside of a relationship and growing up in the process. That is something a lot of fans could relate to. However, Swift may have kept her dating low profile, to keep her managers happy, but continued to see people under the radar. Only her next album will tell us.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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