The Big Bang Theory Will Change Penny Completely

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is going to change Penny completely. The newly engaged character will put her acting dreams behind and go work in the big wide world. This is not going back to bartending or waitressing. She will become a pharmaceutical rep.

Many have already voiced their opinions on the unlikely event of this ever happening. To start with, many have pointed out that Penny would need a background in science and pharmacy and even may need a degree to get such a role. Despite being friends with Bernadette, whose company Penny will get a job with, it is not a plausible storyline.

The writers have added this in to create a new and arguably more interesting dynamic between Leonard and Penny. The community college dropout will start earning more than her husband-to-be and it will cause a strain on their relationship. Leonard will likely struggle because his fiancée is now the breadwinner, when he has always been the financially stable one.

This is a storyline that has already been played out on the show. Bernadette and Howard went through the same problems and insecurities, because she is the one who earns the most between them. Howard also has the insecurity as being the one without a PhD.

The Big Bang Theory will change Penny’s character completely and it is not necessarily a good thing. It seems like the writers are rehashing previous storylines just to create something interesting for Penny and Leonard to fight about. Before it has always been about them moving onto the next stage of their relationship, and now it is going to be about money.

Many fans have pointed out that other storylines could happen to create a new dynamic between the pair. Penny could decide to go back to community college, which is something Leonard always supported. By The Big Bang Theory doing something like this, it will encourage other adults in real-life in similar positions. There are currently many adults looking into completing or furthering their education as the world moves forward without them. Penny would be able to make new friends and it could change the way she is with Leonard.

Another option would be for the wannabe actress to kick-start her own business. A few seasons earlier she was making hair pieces, and it involved the episode where they stayed up all night to complete 1,000 orders in 24 hours. With a few tweaks to the website, Penny could have made that a viable business, especially now that she is no longer working at The Cheesecake Factory or going forward in her acting career.

It seems the writers want to create a dynamic that should not be there. They are rehashing old storylines just to create a problem between Leonard and Penny. It is not a realistic storyline, and is certainly going to change Penny’s character not necessarily for the better. The character would have no idea what to do with the money from her job.

There are also unrealistic elements to the pay. It is very unlikely that Penny would even earn more than Leonard to start with, meaning that the arguments would not happen for another few years. The Big Bang Theory is changing Penny’s character completely and there are fears that it could turn people off from the show.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham