The Madden Brothers Help Others to Be ‘Done’ [Video]

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In a strong push for an already strong song, The Madden Brothers of Good Charlotte fame released a powerful visual for their debut single, We Are Done. The track serves as the first offering from their upcoming album Greetings from California, headed for a worldwide release in September. In case anyone was missing the other members from their well-known group, there are quite a few people invited along to take up some of the slack. The music video includes a choir and even the occasional familiar face, such as actress Claire Holt from The Vampire Diaries.

In the clip, a myriad of faces from all over the spectrum of life hold up signs explaining what they are officially “done” with. From people who are judged on their appearances, disabilities that are meant to get in the way they lead life, and other facets that some people see as being too different to fit in with the “norm” of society, there is something for everyone to equate to. The message may be simple, though it is one that needs to be heard: be proud of who you are and do not be overcome by what gets in your way

Benji Madden expressed that the song was meant to be taken as such; it is an anthem for anyone who has been made to feel less than they are. It is an ode for those who feel “unappreciated or abused, or is suffering in any way.”

“We want to inspire people to speak up,” he added.

The very different style of the song has struck a chord with listeners and the 35-year-old twins have been feeling the love. Both Maddens have been sharing the compliments via Twitter since its initial release in early June. The song officially impacted radio on the very day the video was released, June 30.

More information has also been released regarding the full album, the madden brothersGreetings from California, namely the cover art and some more background on the song, California Rain. The siblings previously mentioned that the track came together after meeting producer and musician, Pharrell Williams. The lyrics to the as-of-yet unheard song relate to the fame The Madden Brothers hoped to achieve in their early years. Benji dived into the song’s inspiration a bit further.

“All I wanted was to make you proud. My mother told me son, you’ll never make it out.”

“It’s about the dream,” he stated. “The song sums up out experience; past, present and future. We still believe in [that] dream.”

They also shared during a recent Facebook chat that Williams appears via a co-writing position on another track. Greetings from California seems to complete a long-standing dream for the duo; one that involves a hope that their listeners and fans are inspired with each note that they hear.

“We still believe that some kid somewhere can leave home with an acoustic guitar, a backpack and 40 bucks,” Benji says. “[They] can hitchhike down the road and make it out of California.”

Check out the video for We Are Done below. The song is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. The Madden Brothers’ anticipated debut album, Greetings from California, is slated for release on September 16.

By Jonathan Brown


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