The Rules of Road Safety Apply to All

Safety Rules are created and apply to everyone especially when it comes to the road. When a person is learning how to operate an automobile, they learn the rules of the road. There are so many for cars and trucks to follow. There still seems to be this idea or trend for motorcyclist though. Most seem to believe that the rules of the road do not apply to them as much as it does with other drivers.

There have been many car crashes in the world, though not a large portion of them prove to be fatal. As for motorcycle deaths, a significantly larger number prove to be fatal, because motorcyclists have less protection available to them. An answer to the problem of how to help motorcyclist out would be to give them laws that help them as well as having safety laws that will apply to all drivers on the road today.

Some statistics to prove this idea. For example from the year of 1970 to 2013 car crashes started at a high end of the spectrum. It started with the total in 1970 at 52,627 people. Following that in 1980, the total had dropped over one thousand people and was now at 51,091 people. In 1995 it was even lower only reaching 41,817 people. In 2000 it went back up but not by much, as the death toll was now at 41,945. When the death toll was tallied again in 2005, finding a total of 39,252 people in car crashes, and just four years later, in 2009, that total was 30,797 people. The rate saw a fairly constant drop. However, from 2010 to 2013 the death toll began to rise yet again.

As for motorcyclists, the death toll started off low. In 1998 that total took a desperate turn for the worse and began to boom from 1998 to 2008. The death toll was at 2,294 in 1998 and by 2008, 5,312 people died due to motorcycle deaths. In 2009 that death toll dropped drastically, it was at a total of 4,469 people and began to rise once more over the following years up to 2012. The motorcyclist fatalities of 2012 went up in 34 states according to published reports. Also, according to this source, the fatalities went down in sixteen different states.

Within each state there are laws and regulations for safety on the road that everyone is supposed to follow. Before anyone is allowed to drive, they are given their states driver manual. It is necessary for every person to read their states regulations. After reading them, those people go and take a comprehension test as well as a practical driving exam to make sure they know these rules and can follow them on the road. In passing the test, people are granted their licenses. After this they can drive as much as they want as long as they follow these safety rules. The license test is for driving cars and trucks, while there are also classes and a driving test for motorcyclists to take if they want to be allowed to drive.

Recently to increase safety awareness, states have written laws that require the use of the seat belts. For motorcyclists there really are not too many laws for their safety. Most of the laws include helmets for children 18 years and younger, yet it is not necessary for adults to wear them. Law enforcement enforces the rule of seat belts, but there should be some type of law for cyclist as well. Road safety rules should be made for all to follow.

Opinion By Nathan Sullivan


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