The Simpsons Takes on Internet Piracy

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is taking on internet piracy. Well, that is the way it seems with the new Simpsons World. The idea that all episodes will be available online will bring an end to the need for people to download the episodes illegally.

At the moment some of the details have not been shared. For example, there is nothing to say just how much it will cost to be able to access the episodes or whether this is going to be free. If it is free, it will certainly tackle the problem of people downloading episodes because they cannot afford the box sets. However it could cause a problem for those who make money from The Simpsons box sets. Chances are there will be a small monthly fee or a fee to watch each episode.

From September, all episodes of the popular TV show will be available online, and all the episodes can be found through a functional search. Say someone wanted to watch the episode where Bart ends up in Australia that will soon be an option.

And that is not all. The “authenticated” viewers will get to watch the episodes on their smart TVs, smartphones and tablet computers through the app. FXX wants to make it as easy as possible for viewers to get their daily dose of the dysfunctional family. There will be hope for some that The Simpsons will be able to take on internet piracy.

One thing that users will benefit from is the ability to create their own playlists. They will be able to select episodes to play while they are out or when they are relaxing at home. They can even select clips and quotes just to watch them, and even share with friends.

But is this not just like Hulu? While Hulu offers clips and episodes, only those from the eight most recent ones are available for streaming. This causes problems when the new season starts, which will not be an issue with the FXX’s Simpsons World.

For those wondering about the money issue and how FXX can do this. The cable company did acquire the exclusive rights for showing repeat episodes on a cable network. There is nothing stopping the company showing the episodes on the air, and even those involved in piracy still watch re-runs and TV shows live.

Just in case, there is a 12 day marathon of The Simpsons. Starting from August 21, the episodes will be shown back to back on TV. That is 25 seasons worth of episodes shown and nothing else on FXX. The cable network claims that it is the longest-running marathon for TV.

The downside is that only those in the U.S. will get access to the app. Those users will also need to be subscribers, which suggests there is a financial element. The app is expected to have scripts for the show as well as details of the history of it, which some people may not find worthwhile enough to purchase a subscription. However, at least FXX is trying to do something to help battle internet piracy by putting The Simpsons online for all.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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