There Will Be Chaos in Gauteng South Africa Warns Julius Malema

Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader Julius Malema has threatened to bring chaos to Gauteng South Africa after his party members were kicked out of a government meeting this week. At a media meeting Malema said that his party had the manpower to fight and would not hesitate to mobilize his people to use physical violence for their rights.

EFF MPL members were excluded from the meeting for not dressing in an appropriate manner. Wearing red overalls and red helmets to municipal and government meetings did not comply with the required dress code. The speaker of the House Ntombi Mekgwe told EFF MPLs to leave the Legislature meeting, as they were not dressed appropriately.

In another instance, EFF member Themba Wele was booted out of a Bhisho, East London meeting for calling white people Boers. Wele said the African National Party (ANC) did not reveal any solid plans to expropriate land because they were afraid of the Boers. ANC member Mxolisa Dimaza said the term Boer was not acceptable and asked the EFF member to retract his statement. After refusing to, Wele was asked to leave the house.

Furious, Malema lashed out at the media and continued to threaten physical violence if his members were removed from meetings based on inappropriate dress code. Malema said his party will not be pushed around and raised the issue of causing the Gauteng Province to become ungovernable. Malema said his members were not scared of death and prison, and they would not go to court but would use physical violence if this happened again.

Malema vowed to cause chaos and instability within the province of Gauteng if the EFF members were kicked out of the legislature in the future. Annoyed about these incidents, Malema said in all seriousness that the ANC should not forget that they did not win the Gauteng Province in the May 2014 election and said the results were rigged and fraudulent.

Malema reminded the ANC to bear in mind a recent incident in the township of Alexander when ballot papers were discovered. The residents barricaded the roads with burning tires and went on a rampage. Malema said the EFF’s intervention had stopped the province from being burnt to ashes.

It is the norm for opposition parties to have robust and heated discussions on critical issues affecting South Africa and to debate the matters without aggravating members of parliament. Since the EFF has been voted into Parliament, there have been more outrageous debates than in previous years. From brightening up the formal buildings with bright red overalls to causing a rumpus by ignoring the parliament rules of etiquette, the EFF members continue to cause sensationalism within the South African Media.

The ongoing attention sought by the EFF is becoming a daily occurrence, and the unruly behavior is favored among the voters of the party, while others state this form of behavior does not prove the EFF has the ability to govern. Julius Malema is continuing to make his opinion clear about bringing the Gauteng Province of South Africa into a state of chaos.

By Laura Oneale

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