UFC’s Ronda Rousey “Took More Damage in Judo Than in MMA”: MMA Spotlight

UFC MMA Spotlight

Ronda Rousey has become one of the most recognizable women figures in sports today, but as the UFC women’s bantamweight champion proved last weekend, no matter the face or label on the product, that product can still become damaged and/or vulnerable on occasion. The modern icon of women’s mixed martial arts of today’s day and age made quick work of the third ranked Canadian fighter, Alexis Davis. Even though the fight only lasted a mere 16 seconds, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey did not come out of the bout without licking some wounds suffered during the fight.

The champion announced on UFC Tonight that she had broken her thumb, possibly from the thunderous right hand she planted on Davis’ temple. To go along with a broken thumb, Rousey also told the show the she will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery on her right knee. Fortunately enough, the knee surgery is a procedure that she gets on a yearly basis. The surgery alone will only sideline her for about two weeks, and the thumb injury is not much of a concern as well; it may keep her out of action a few months at most. No matter the case, the women’s champion has repeatedly mentioned fighting on a UFC card on New Year’s Day or close to it.

UFC MMA SpotlightThe Guardian Liberty Voice was able to catch with the women’s bantamweight champion before she took on Alexis Davis. The section asked how a champion like herself is able to care of her body outside of the cage. Rousey quickly referred to her Judo days in response.

“Well actually I heal a lot better doing MMA than I ever did in judo, my body was pretty much torn down and tired during Judo. When I stopped Judo it really helped repair my body” said Rousey.

This makes perfect sense, as Ronda has yet to hit the 25 minute mark of time spent inside the UFC octagon. Not to mention, only one of her ten opponents inside the cage have made it outside the first round. One would figure the vigorous training and schedule demands would have some adverse affect on the champion, Rousey begs to differ though.

Since making the move to MMA, and becoming the poster women of her organization, Ronda has since become much more in tune with her diet and preparation leading up to her fights. Dietitian extraordinaire, Mike Dolce, played a key part in her training camp leading up to Alexis Davis, which was probably one of the best performances of hers to date. Ronda emphasized the fact of the lack of recovery in her Judo days, and acknowledged that she may have taken more damage to her body then she would have liked. Ronda touched on how she has changed her eating habits, and reflected on what she would have done back then: “Since then, I’ve mainly focused on my diet, I would’ve spent a lot more time, emphasis, and money on recovery then I could have before.”

The dominant athlete of today in any sport cannot rely on just their own natural ability and nourishment to keep them at their prime anymore. Even though Ronda has a few hiccups to deal with upon her return to the octagon, the best is still yet to come from the undefeated face of women’s MMA. There is no clear contender to challenge her towards the end of the year as of yet, which will play a key contributor to when she may return. So while all the women are jockeying around and vying for a UFC title shot, Ronda Rousey will enjoy her well deserved vacation, fine tune her skills, and soak in her continued success as one of the pound for pound best in the organization.

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