Vin Diesel Talks Guardians of the Galaxy With Jimmy Fallon [Videos]

Vin Diesel

On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, the week of great shows is continuing, with guest stars Vin Diesel, actress Aubrey Plaza and musical guests, and Cody Wise, who will be singing with the house band, The Roots. Vin Diesel will be talking about Guardians of the Galaxy with Jimmy Fallon. This might be one of the best weeks yet for the Tonight Show, not counting the first couple of weeks, when the ratings were through the roof.

Jimmy’s monologue was fantastic, as usual, but perhaps the funniest bit before the show’s first guest came on was the Dancing Panda dancing and falling down and getting injured, as well as The Roots being shown the 50 Shades of Grey trailer and watching their reactions when Jimmy had a scary face stuck into the video clip. It was pretty LOL funny.

The “Pros and Cons of a Joe Biden Presidency” bit Jimmy Fallon did was hilarious, also. For example, Jimmy said that Biden “thinks that the Middle East is one of Kim and Kanye’s kids.” He also said that “Biden has spent hours in President Obama’s office. Mostly spinning around in Obama’s chair.”

Vin Diesel, who stars in The Fast and the Furious franchise and many other movies, was the first guest of the evening. The first movie in the series came out in 2001. Sadly, Paul Walker died before the seventh installment was completed. It will be interesting to see how the movie does when it hits the theaters.

Vin Diesel’s latest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, hit the theaters this past weekend, so he was on the Tonight Show to promote it. The actor related how he and his brother stole potato chips and pudding from a local bodega when they were younger and then went to the swimming pool with their snacks.

Fallon asks Vin Diesel about how he got into the role playing game, dungeons and Dragons. Vin Diesel said that he was “Melcore” at one point, as he played the game. He got the name from Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. “Once we got into the game, everything changed,” Vin Diesel said.

Vin Diesel said “I started acting when I was seven years old.”

“We were break dancing in the 80s. We started out with a five-man crew, then we had to cut the fat.” He added that “eventually, we became the Ultimate Two.”

Of course, Jimmy Fallon asked him to demonstrate some of his dance moves, which Vin Diesel did. He still has some pretty decent moves! then, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Vin Diesel relates that the soundtrack was written right into the script. Fallon calls it one of the best sound tracks he has heard. Vin Diesel said that he took his kids to see the movie, and “It was an incredible experience.” He is a tree in the movie, oddly enough, named “Groot.” All he can say is “I am Groot.”

He is more of a Tree Man than he is a tree; he is a tall, strong-looking tree-ish alien. He learned to see “I am Groot” in different languages, like French, Spanish and Mandarin — which he demonstrated for Fallon. The video clip from the flick looked pretty amazing.

After another commercial break,actress Aubrey Plaza, from Parks and recreation, was the next guest of the night. Fallon shows her a photo of her, Richard Simmons, and her friend, Danny. Richard was between the two of them. “He yelled at me a lot. He was really aggressive. He called me ‘Princess Eyes.'”

Fallon said that one time he saw Richard Simmons on a float on a “glittering seahorse.” Then, he asked Aubrey about a basketball team she is on, called The Pistol Shrimps. She read a message from the captain of the team, a funny message about “haters.” Aubrey said “We’re not terrible — but, we’re not great.” Fallon showed Aubrey making a lay-up, when her team was “down 50 points.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon showed a video clip from Aubrey’s upcoming movie called Life After Beth. She said it is sort of a romantic comedy  movie — a “Rom-Com-Zom-Dram” or Romantic Comedy Zombie Drama is how she put it — but she gets bitten by a snake and turns into a zombie. The movie will be in theaters August 16, according to Fallon.

Musical guests and Cody Wise performed with The Roots. They sang a new song, It’s My Birthday, off of’s upcoming album. Cody Wise added a lot of the Reggae-sounding parts of the song. It was pretty catchy and will likely be a hit song for them. The audience roared their approval of it and applauded enthusiastically.

That was the end of the Tuesday night episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Vin Diesel, Aubrey Plaza and (with Cody Wise) were some fairly big-name stars for a Tuesday night show, but summer is the season to promote and talk about movies like the potential blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Life After Beth looks like it will be an off-beat, but probably very funny, movie and always comes out with great music. His latest album will probably not be an exception. Please check out the videos below!


Written By Douglas Cobb

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Trailer

Life After Beth Official Trailer #1

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