Amazon’s Hand of God Pilot to Star Dana Delany [Video]

Amazon Hand of God

On August 28, subscribers to Amazon’s streaming video service, Amazon Prime, will be privy to the début of Hand of God, a new drama series starring Dana Delany. Delany plays the wife of Ron Perlman’s character, a vigilante judge with a son who clings to life on a ventilator. Delany is a bejeweled woman of means who carries the burden of her son’s attempted suicide.

Delany, who made her first big mark on television’s China Beach, has enjoyed a long and varied career which includes roles on Magnum P.I., Moonlighting, and even as a voice actor for roles such as Lois Lane. Delany got her start working on soap operas, doing single-episode roles for Ryan’s Hope and As the World Turns. Delany has made her career almost exclusively as a television actress and she shows no signs of slowing down. Through the opportunity to work with Amazon, she finds that she is able to continue expanding her craft.

In fact, her first big role on China Beach, Colleen Murphy, was that of a strong woman working as an army nurse. No shrinking violet herself, Delany continues to play women who are not victims, but who are active participants in their lives. She has turned down roles on successful shows in favor of seeking roles which challenge her as an actor and which seek to elevate the stature of women in entertainment. She finds that television allows women a wider range of possibilities than film, so she can work on bringing nuance to her work. She compared her new role on Hand of God to her previous work on Desperate Housewives.

Delany said, ″There is a strength to Crystal, but I think she is more animalistic than other roles I’ve played. She uses her wiles. Maybe a touch of Katherine Mayfair from Desperate Housewives in that she’s a survivor. But not such a good homemaker.″

Delany is excited to work with the cast and crew of Hand of God and its studio, Amazon. The new world of online streaming opens up new possibilities for actors and for creativity in general.

″I think we all know that the world of television has now been permanently altered. What’s exciting is, we don’t know how it’s going to look yet,″ Delany said.

In a recent interview, Delany said, ″I discovered a long time ago how great the roles on TV can be, especially for women, but now I feel like I’m getting to make an independent movie every week. And it gives the audience more freedom.″

Subscribers to Amazon’s Prime service will be able to view Delany in the pilot for Hand of God starting the evening of August 28. After viewing, they will be able to vote whether they would like to see more of the show or not. This new approach to television is unique, as the previous model placed the primary decision-making in the hands of entertainment executives. This groundbreaking approach puts the power in the hands of viewers who actually consume the shows.

By Hobie Anthony

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