British Security Services State They Have Allegedly Identified Jihadi Who Executed James Foley

British Security Services State They Have Allegedly Identified Jihadi Who Executed James Foley

Media reports are being released that state British security services are saying they have allegedly identified the jihadi who executed American journalist James Foley. The Sunday Times newspaper in London has been quoted as saying “senior British government sources” believe they recognize “Jihadi John” and know who the man is. However the officials are refusing to name him publicly at the present time.

Investigators have been looking into three different men as being the prime suspects, including a former rapper known as Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, age 23. He is from a prosperous area of west London and he went to fight in Syria in 2013. He tweeted a photograph of himself while he held a severed head.

Three different men in total were named by a report as being possible suspects in the beheading of Foley.  British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond stated that British jihadists who are fighting in Iraq and Syria are a complete and an utter betrayal of everything that Britain stands for.

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary is the son of a terrorist who was born in Egypt, and who is himself presently awaiting trial in New York for his alleged participation in some bombings that happened in the late 1990’s of U.S. embassies located in Africa.

The other two possible accused who are believed that could be suspects of carrying out the beheading are Aine Davis, age 30, and Razul Islam, age 21. It is believed that James Foley’s killer could possibly be British.

The video that was released showing the American being murdered also shows a jihadi speaking to and pointing to the camera. He appeared to be talking in a British, more specifically a London sounding accent.

However the video will be even more comprehensively examined because voice experts told several news outlets that the killer, who was dressed in completely black garb, also appeared to have elements in his accent that were not of British decent and could have come from Africa.

In responds to that, voice recognition expert John Olsson explained that it was also possible the killer might have picked up such voice inflections from individuals that he had been around, people he had mixed with.

Foley, age 40, had been held in captivity for almost two years after he was kidnapped while he attempted to cover the take-over in Syria. He will be remembered Sunday at Mass in his hometown of Rochester, New Hampshire.

ISIS stated that his killing was in retribution for the United States sending air strikes in northern Iraq. The U.S. sprang a raid this summer in an effort to try and free Foley and several other hostages, but Special Forces were incapable of finding the captives.

Steven Joel Sotloff, who is a photojournalist, remains a captive of the terrorist group and was also threatened with being murdered in the same video.

On Sunday, another kidnapped American journalist was freed. Peter Theo Curtis, age 45, who is a writer that pens articles under the alias Theo Padnos, had been held by a branch of al-Qaeda in Syria.

By Kimberly Ruble


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