Britney Spears Being Kept Out of Contact With Ex Boyfriend David Lucado

Britney Spears is being kept far away from her ex-boyfriend David Lucado’s desperate attempts to contact her following their breakup. Her father Jamie Spears and the rest of her camp have reportedly pulled out all the stops to keep the man from finding a way to speak to her.

Lucado is reportedly devastated over the breakup, of which he was informed of not by Spears herself, but from outside sources. Sources say he is hopeful that there may be some chance of reconciliation, hence his wanting to have one last conversation with her. Friends of the ex-boyfriend say he has been attempting to convince them that he and the singer were not entirely together at the time of the video that caused their breakup, in which he was filmed kissing another girl and dancing with her.

It appears that Spears’ camp has no intention of allowing this conversation to happen. Not only is Lucado banned from attending her show in Las Vegas, he is also in no way allowed to show up at her residence in the Thousand Oaks area of California. His phone number has also reportedly been blocked. All of these efforts to prevent the man from speaking with their client were headlined by the 32-year-old’s father, who is said to want absolutely no further association between the two, as he feels it would be detrimental to his daughter’s health and current stability. Indeed, Jamie Spears himself is the owner of the video in question, which he reportedly paid an undisclosed but enormously high amount of money to keep under lock and key. He was also the one who informed the Louisiana native of her boyfriend’s infidelity, causing her to terminate the relationship immediately following the news. The man remains adamant that his daughter has not and will not ever see the video, and nor will anybody else as long as it is in his possession.

Spears’ father has been working tirelessly to keep his daughter on the straight and narrow ever since he was placed as sole conservator in her affairs, making sure she is making decisions that are beneficial to both herself and her two children. The chart-topper’s ex-fiance, Jason Trawick, was made co-conservator when the two were in a relationship, a responsibility he had revoked by a judge following their split in early 2013. The conservatorship was originally put in place following the singer having suffered a psychotic break in 2008, during which she was put under a 5150 psychiatric hold for her own safety. The custody of her children was revoked and given to Kevin Federline, father of the children and Spears’ husband from 2004-2007. Upon her father taking on the conservatorship and helping his daughter put her life back together, custody was eventually returned to the children’s mother. However, making sure that Spears keeps healthy and happy is a main priority for the father in order to ensure her stability, thus the extreme efforts to keep her from contacting Lucado and potentially undoing all of the progress she has made.

Britney Spears has not yet released a statement regarding her father’s efforts to keep David Lucado from contacting her. Jamie Spears, however, remains vigilant in his mission to prevent the man from initiating any kind of conversation with the singer.

by Rebecca Grace

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