Crime News: GLV Daily Digest for August 29, 2014


The crime news digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 29, 2014, includes reports on the resignation and the termination of two police officers involved in controlling the crowds of protesters in Ferguson, Mo. after the death of Michael Brown, a sheriff’s deputy in Wisconsin who has been charged in the murders of his wife and sister-in-law, a judge’s rejection of the request for a new trial by Martin MacNeill, a former doctor and lawyer from Utah who was convicted of killing his wife, and Karl Karlsen, a man currently in prison for the death of his son who has now been charged with murder in the death of his first wife in 1991.

CrimeFerguson Cop Resigns; Another Fired

The Ferguson, Mo., police officer who was caught on video pointing a rifle at protesters following the shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown, has resigned from the force. Meanwhile, another police officer has been fired for posting inappropriate messages to social media about the protesters themselves. Matthew Pappert was suspended on August 22 after having made a reported five posts, one of which said that the demonstrators “should be put down like a rapid dog.” After an inquiry into the comments, Pappert was fired.

Ray Albers was asked to resign after he pointed a weapon at a demonstrator in the middle of a heated argument, during which it has been reported that urine and water was thrown on him. He is heard on the video telling the unarmed crowd that “I will f**ing kill you!” When asked his name by one protestor, Albers responded, “Go f**k yourself.” Albers was a 20-year veteran of the St. Ann, Mo. police force and had three prior disciplinary actions on his service record.


Wisconsin Ex-Deputy Charged With Murders

Andrew Steele, who was once a sheriff’s deputy in Wisconsin, has been charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide for the deaths of his wife and her sister last week. If convicted, Steele faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison for each crime.

Steele is charged with the murder of his wife, 39-year-old Ashlee Steele, and her 38-year-old sister, Kacee Tollefsbol, on Aug. 22 at the Steele’s residence in Fitchburg, Wis. He had recently been diagnosed with ALS, which caused him to resign from his position in June with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department.

CrimeUtah Doc’s Conviction for Killing Wife Stands

A judge ruled today that Utah doctor Martin MacNeill will not be granted a new trial, despite claiming that cellmates who testified that he had confessed the crime to them were lying. Jurors in the case publicly declared that they had not deemed the testimony trustworthy and had disregarded it during deliberations.

MacNeill was convicted of giving his wife drugs, which had been prescribed to her after a cosmetic procedure, and then leaving her to drown in their tub. Prosecutors argued that his motive was to begin a new life with his girlfriend. At the time of his wife’s death, MacNeill was a wealthy lawyer and doctor who was once a bishop in his local Mormon church. He and his wife had eight children.

The judge has scheduled another hearing for Sept. 2. MacNeill could be sentenced to anywhere between 15 years in prison to life for the crime.

CrimeMan Who Killed Son Charged in Wife’s Murder

Karl Karlsen was convicted of second-degree murder in November after he admitted that he did nothing to prevent the death of his son Levi, 23. Levi had been working underneath of a truck when Karl Karlsen allowed it to fall off of the jack and crush him in 2008. After Levi’s death, Karl Karlsen received a life insurance payout of $700,000.

Currently in prison in New York for the death of his son, Karl Karlsen has now been charged in California for the death of his first wife, for which he collected $200,000 in life insurance. Christina Karlsen, mother of Levi, was killed in a fire in 1991.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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