iPhone 5: Battery Replacement Program Begins

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Apple is launching a new battery replacement program for select iPhone 5 units. On the website for Apple, the company stated that they found out a small percentage of their iPhone 5 units had defective batteries. The batteries for this small percentage of iPhone units have been claimed to not be working properly, with the battery having a shorter life and needing to be charged more often than normal.

Although Apple is going out of their way to replace their defective batteries, this will not happen for every iPhone 5 owner. Not only does the defective iPhone 5 need to have a serial number, falling within a small range, they must also have been bought between September 2012 and January 2013. This new program is also not for just any model of the iPhone 5 and cannot be used on iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C.

Although the program is selective with their eligibility requirements, if an iPhone 5 user does meet the requirements, their iPhone 5 battery can be replaced for free. This selection of users can replace their defective battery in a few different ways. The user can decide to either take their phone to an Apple retail store, by making an appointment, an Authorized Apple Service Provider, or they can contact the Apple Technical Support Department and get their replacement through Apple Care.

Apart from having to meet the requirements for eligibility,the phone’s condition must be somewhat good. The phone must not have any extensive damages that would prevent the battery to be properly replaced, much like a cracked screen. If the iPhone does have damage such as this, the user will have to pay for the damages to be fixed before their battery can be replaced for free.

In addition to the eligibility requirements and having a phone that is not too damaged, users have also been advised to back up their data on either iCloud or iTunes. After their data has been backed up, users must also turn off the “Find my iPhone” feature as well as erase the content and settings of their iPhone 5. Once all of these things have been completed, the user will be ready to get their free battery replacement.

Apple’s support website also has a tool that an iPhone owner, looking for their free battery replacement, can use to check and see if their serial number falls within the selective range of serials numbers eligible for the free battery replacement. This program has been primarily made available in the U.S. and China. The iPhone users outside of the two countries aforementioned will have to wait until August 29 to begin their battery replacement. Apple may also limit the replacement program to users within the country in which the iPhone was originally purchased.

The iPhone 5 replacement program also helps users that have already paid for their battery replacement. If a user with a defective iPhone 5 battery has already paid for a replacement before the program began, they can contact Apple for a refund. If they meet all of the eligibility requirements, Apple will refund the expenses paid for the replacement.

Apple has also made it clear that their iPhone 5 battery replacement program does not mean that the warranty would be extended. For iPhone 5 units, the warranty lasts for two years after the time of purchase or until March 1, 2015, depending on which date allows for longer coverage. This is not the first time that Apple has launched a battery replacement program. Last year, they ran the same program for iPhone 5S users experiencing faulty batteries.

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