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Former Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul Di’Anno, has elected to come out of retirement. In doing so, Iron Maiden’s original singer has announced plans to form the band Architects of Chaoz. The band will feature members of Di’Anno’s solo German touring band, The Phantomz. This will mark Di’Anno’s first new band since he formed a new iteration of his solo band, Di’Anno, with Brazilian guitarist Paulo Turin in 2000.

The controversial singer had announced in 2012 that he would finish out his career in 2013, when he did a tour of Europe. His reasoning for his impending retirement was due to the continued pain and lack of mobility in his knees. Moreover, Di’Anno has had several motorcycle accidents over the years, which has resulted in damage to his knees, resulting in a complete knee replacement. Furthermore, he elected it was a sensible idea to retire, in order not to continue damaging the knee replacement with a hectic touring schedule.

A change of heart overcame Di’Anno after less than a year of retirement though. Instead of taking it easy and resting his weary knees, the itch overcame him to come back to the metal scene. Additionally, he was quoted in an interview with The Metal Voice that his wife stated she would probably murder the 56-year-old if he stayed stagnant. Additionally, the former Maiden vocalist also realized that it is only his voice that matters when it comes to producing new music and performing live.

It was once Di’Anno was focused to return to the music scene that he called upon his former live band, not to merely book new live dates, but to form a new original band. Like his previous projects, Architects of Chaoz has its roots inon the traditional style of Iron Maiden with a shed of modern stylings.

Like his previous bands, it is only inevitable before Di’Anno hits the road with his new band, which, likely, will play a handful of tracks from the first two Iron Maiden albums. This is despite the fact that Di’Anno has not been part of the Maiden camp since the legendary new wave of British heavy metal band booted the frontman in 1981 after three years of service, stemming from continued drug and alcohol abuse.

The legendary singer has had a rough and tumble career since his ousting from Maiden. He is one of the most notorious metal musicians in terms of his run-ins with the law, which was outlined in his autobiography The Beast. In the paperback, he outlined his two decades since Maiden, where he outlines his downward spiral into booze, drugs, women, guns, his multiple stays in prison and bankruptcy. His latter problem of bankruptcy has continued to catch up to him, when in 2011, he was found guilty in eight counts of fraud.

To celebrate his re-emergence back into the music scene, Di’Anno will be releasing an upcoming live DVD of a recent performance from Krakow, Poland. The DVD, which is entitled The Beast Arises is set for release on October 7 through MVD, in addition to a simultaneous release of the performance on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Throughout his tumultuous career, Di’Anno has served as one of heavy metal’s most recognizable and controversial singers. With the original Iron Maiden singer set to form his new band Architects of Chaoz, it is anyone’s guess what his next move will involve, for better or worse. In the meantime, metal fans will, likely, expect the debut release from Architects of Chaoz sometime in 2014.

By Simon Mounsey

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