James Corden: The British Are Coming to Late Night

James Corden

James Corden will be taking over for Craig Ferguson in The Late Late Show on CBS. This news comes from The Wrap, who claims to have a reliable source on the matter. CBS and Corden’s representative have yet to confirm this news, but fans of the show are already making judgements on whether or not he will be able to fill Ferguson’s shoes. Online, there has either been praise for the coming British comedian or predictions of disaster for Corden on late night.

Those in favor of the possible host have cited his success in Britain. The actor has moved between film, stage and television. Doctor Who viewers may have seen him appear in a couple of episodes, playing the role of Craig Owens. He also earned a BAFTA for his television comedy performance in Gavin & Stacey, which he co-wrote and starred in.

Naysayers on the other hand do not trust that he can deliver on comedy. Some believe that he will fall into the same category as British personalities like Piers Morgan and Ricky Gervais who have received harsh criticism throughout their careers. A main comment that reappears is that few Americans really know who James Corden is.

When Craig Ferguson announced that he would be leaving the program, many began to speculate on who would take over. The host suggestions included familiar faces for American viewers like Neil Patrick Harris and Joel McHale. Although Corden is not so popular in the states, it is possible that he may pick up some fans this year on the silver screen. Soon Americans will have the chance to see him in the role of the Baker in the anticipated Disney film Into the Woods. He will also be acting alongside Keira Knightley in Begin Again, and was the lead last year in the film One Chance.

CBS may have seen value in the fact that the comedian has a large social media following. James Corden has 4.3 million twitter followers, so if the British actor makes it to late night, his followers may be coming along with him. He has proven his ability to handle live audiences. In 2012 he received a Tony for his starring role in One Man, Two Guvnors. He has been both co-host and host to comedy shows and award shows. His credentials pile up and mark him a good prospect for CBS. However, it will all come down to what viewers think when they tune in.

Craig Ferguson will continue to host The Late Late Show for the next four months. He has been hosting the show for the past 10 years, which might make it hard for faithful viewers to say goodbye. He decided to leave the show in order to pursue other projects and jokingly indicated his intention to spend holidays with CBS and share custody of the robot skeleton and fake horse from the show.

It is unclear whether or not the show will keep its skeletal co-host and fake horse or if the new host will change the formula of the show entirely. If James Corden is coming to late night, the British comedian may find the job quite rewarding based on his quote. “There’s nothing nicer than getting a round of applause for turning up for work.” Provided his humor translates to American audiences, then Corden, like Ferguson, will get exactly that.

By Kamille Dawkins

The Wrap