Joan Rivers Allegedly Dependent on Life Support to Keep Her Alive

Joan Rivers Allegedly Dependent on Life Support to Keep her Alive

Joan Rivers remains on life support as of Saturday morning as her daughter Melissa and other family and friends continued to keep a progressively more foreboding watch by her bedside at a New York City hospital. Rivers, age 81, was at first put into a medically induced coma after she went into cardiac arrest on Thursday, but now medical reports are allegedly saying that she is basically dependent on the machines to keep her alive.

Several different sources have spoken to the media and they state that Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, is “in complete denial” over the medical condition of her mother. She still believes that everything is going to be alright. Melissa refuses to admit that there may be a world she has to live in where her mother does not exist. Other family members and close friends to Joan are starting to think that the possible outcome of this may not be what they are wanting to happen.

Regardless, there will be no final decisions made on the biting edge comedienne’s future for at least a couple of days, the media is reporting. Neither the hospital nor Melissa Rivers herself gave any kind of comment on Joan’s medical condition to the public on Saturday.

The sources also reportedly told the various news outlets that Rivers would never want to live unless she could go on enjoying a active and full life. Joan would never want to feel like she was a burden on any other person.

Joan’s grandson, who is age 13, and Melissa’s ex-husband, John Endicott, were seen leaving Mount Sinai Hospital early Saturday morning in a Lincoln SUV and returning to Melissa apartment on the East Side. That hospital is where Rivers was rushed to after she quit breathing during an otherwise predictable doctor’s visit to have a basic throat procedure performed.

It is unknown how long Rivers went without any oxygen so physicians put her into the coma within a few hours so they could attempt to determine the damage, and her daughter was anticipated to talk about various treatment options with the hospital medical staff. However somewhere along the way, it appeared that the talk show host’s medical condition took a turn for the worse, which brought on the decision to put Rivers on life-support.

Melissa Rivers and her son both flew from Los Angles to New York on Thursday after she apparently heard about what happened to her mother and her medical emergency. They were reportedly seen arriving at the hospital sometime Thursday afternoon or evening.

Even though Melissa has been thanking fans for all their prayers and support, she has had very little to say about the condition of her mother. For the first time since Rivers was placed in the hospital, Melissa did not make any sort of comments to the general public on Saturday.

One source added that as independent as she likes to think she is, Joan is the center of Melissa’s world. They even reside in the same New York apartment building and work as a pair on numerous different entertainment events such as the series Fashion Police. Rivers was born in Brooklyn and became a Hollywood pillar when she began starring on The Tonight Show.

By Kimberly Ruble


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