Justin Bieber Accused of Attempted Robbery and Battery

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has now been accused of attempted robbery and battery after a night out with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. The singer allegedly tried to take a cell phone off a fan after the fan was caught taking photos of the couple in Hollywood. It seems that the 20-year-old really does not like his photo taken!

This is not the first time the singer has been accused of trying to delete fan photos of himself. Just a few months ago, a woman at a ball park accused him of trying to take her photo to delete some photos and videos she had taken.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the matter. By the time police reached the location, Bieber and his team were gone. According to witnesses at Dave & Buster’s the singer’s security guards stopped the singer from attacking. Had the guards let him loose, it is possible that a fight would have broken out. Once the incident passed, the fan made it clear that he wanted to press charges against the singer.

It just seems like one legal problem after another for Bieber. While the ball park incident went by without an arrest, the Boyfriend singer is being looked into for other alleged incidents. A photographer is suing him for an incident in Hawaii last year all because of the man taking photos. Aja Oxman states that a security guard placed him in a chokehold after being instructed by the singer to get a memory card from him.

Now Bieber is being accused of attempted robbery and battery. It could be problematic if he is officially charged and found guilty. He is already on probation for vandalizing his neighbor’s house at the start of the year by throwing eggs. Should any of the incidents come up with a criminal charge he could end up in jail. That could please some people who view him as a menace and poor role model for children.

Battery, robbery and vandalism are not the only things he has been accused of in the past. Last year he was accused of abandoning a pet monkey. The pet was given to him on his 19th birthday and went to Germany with him. However, the monkey never went through customs and police confiscated the animal. Bieber chose to leave the monkey behind and has only just paid the $10,700 needed to cover the costs.

He has also been accused of bribing officials in Canada. He could have been barred from his national home but allegedly gave thousands of backstage passes and other items to officials to ensure his re-entry. One official has since be fired, suggesting that there is some truth to the story. Since the news of the incident, the officials have been warned in an email that they should report all misconduct immediately.

It just seems like good news is not following the Baby singer. The last eight months have included one legal problem after another. August has been no different and Bieber has now been accused of attempted robbery and battery.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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