Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunite Again

Justin Bieber

Once again, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reunited. It is a big cycle and many wonder whether it will ever come to an end, with a happy ending for either of them. The two had kept it relatively secret to start with but fans had spotted them together on two different occasions.

The question would be why they chose to hide it in the first place. While some may argue for their own privacy, there are others who will be more cynical. Is it possible that Gomez is embarrassed at the idea of getting back with her on-again-off-again boyfriend? It may just be that she does not want the hassle that being with Bieber brings her personally and professionally. Keeping it quiet will stop the arguments with family members and friends.

Once fans started spotting them on dates, it seemed to make sense to come clean. The Canadian singer decided to share a photo on his Instagram with Gomez kissing him on the cheek.

It will not be surprising for some fans. Recently, people close to the Boyfriend singer said that he still had feelings for the former Disney star. This was shortly after the punch-up with Orlando Bloom, when he allegedly defended Gomez’s honor. The truth surrounding the reason for Bloom punching the 20-year-old is still murky at best.

The picture is no longer available on the singer’s Instagram page. However, that does not take away from the probability that Bieber and Gomez have reunited again. It is possible that Gomez did not want the truth to be known quite yet for various reasons mentioned above.

When posting the photo, the Baby singer had the caption “Right now everything else is a blur.” This could have been a remark to the background of the picture, where only he and his girl were in focus. However, it could have also been more to do with the relationship, which is still quite uncertain.

Many will be worried about the Come and Get It singer’s mental health now that she is back with the Canadian singer. He causes a lot of stress with his actions, and she is suffering from lupus so needs to keep her stress levels under control. When people close to the couple spoke about the possibility of them getting back together recently, they had hoped that Bieber would have learned how to treat his girlfriend better. It is clear that it is the 20-year-old’s actions that are causing many of the problems.

The good news is that one of their dates has been a visit to bible study. Gomez is committed to being a better person religiously, and it seems like Bieber is committed to the same thing. He seems like he wants to be a better person for her, so they can make this work. However, he has started their relationships with good intentions every time and within a few weeks forgotten his promises and started to hurt her. It is understandable that people worry at the idea of Bieber and Gomez reuniting again.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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