Justin Bieber Compared Himself to Princess Diana After Getting Hit by Paps


Justin Bieber compared himself to Princess Diana on Tuesday, August 26, after his red Ferrari was hit from behind by paparazzi in a Prius. The paps were allegedly following behind the Biebs too closely. when he slammed on his brakes to discourage them, their car could not stop quickly enough, hitting and scratching the rear of the infamous red Ferrari.

Nobody was hurt in the minor accident, though a paparazzo last year was not as lucky. He was struck and killed by another car while taking pictures of the baby singer’s Ferrari. While there are times when the paps overstep themselves, leading to tragic consequences, as in the case of Princess Diana, the one who was taking photos of Bieber’s ride put his own life in danger and paid the ultimate price.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, 20, realize, of course, that by being celebrities, they will attract the attention of the media by almost anything that they do. Though celebrities often make use of the media and the paparazzi to get exposure and publicity, the paps can be extremely intrusive, also. They can cause a celeb’s name to hit the front page of newspapers around the world, but they can also cause serious accidents by their intrusiveness and anything-goes attitude to getting the best photos and stories.

Justin Bieber has said that he prays for the photographer who died while taking pictures of his red Ferrari. In general, the Biebs knows the paps are just trying to do their jobs and he does not seem to have a problem with that. It is just when they do reckless things, like driving too closely behind a celeb, that Bieber has a problem with.

Miley Cyrus and Kanye West are two of the growing number of celebrities who feel that the constant desire by the paparazzi has had a negative affect on his life. In Miley’s case, in 2011, the paparazzi were not satisfied just going after photos and stories about her — one of the paps allegedly hit Miley’s mother with his camera, presumably by accident.

After Justin Bieber’s car was rear-ended on Tuesday, the Canadian singer took to Twitter to say that there ought to be new laws made to protect him and other celebrities from having the same fate befall them as occurred when Princess Diana tragically died way before her time in 1997 in a car crash in Paris. What happened to Princess Di should never have happened to anyone.

The Heartbreaker‘s tweet resulted in not in an outpouring of support, but rather in the media criticizing him for comparing himself to the late Princess of Wales. The Biebs has not been a stranger, himself, to driving recklessly, after all. The latest incident was just last week, when he drove his Spyder three-wheeled vehicle up onto a sidewalk to avoid traffic, allegedly coming close to hitting an elderly woman who was using a walker.

There is also little doubt that Justin Bieber should not have dealt with the situation by slamming on his brakes. It is an understandable reaction when someone is driving too closely behind a car to want to hit the brakes; but, it is making a potentially dangerous situation into one that might become a deadly one. Justin was putting the lives of the paps who were following him in more danger by hitting his brakes like he did.

But…Justin Bieber would have never been involved in the accident at all if the paparazzi had not been following behind him too closely. He is not Princess Diana, and probably it would have been wiser of him not to use that comparison. However, his call for new laws to prevent any other celebs or paps from dying is not an unreasonable one. New laws might be the answer to preventing any more tragedies like what happened to Princess Diana from happening again.

Opinions By Douglas Cobb