Kim Kardashian iPhone Game Sky-Rockets [Video]


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the new mobile game for the iPhone and iPad that has sky-rocketed since its release. The game features numerous character customizations and insight into the world of show business.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a free-to-play game available to download from the Apple iTunes store. The app has remained in the top ten downloads on the store since its release over a month ago, and has peaked at the number one spot multiple times. The game allows players to create a personalized avatar of their own, choosing everything from gender, skin tone, haircut and wardrobe. The storyline begins by having the player’s character working in a retail store in Downtown Los Angeles when Kim Kardashian herself happens to waltz in, looking for an emergency dress replacement. The character befriends Kim and begins to delve into the world of Hollywood show business by acquiring modeling gigs, networking at industry events, signing with a manager and much more.

This particular title is developed by Glu Mobile, a popular publisher for mobile games. Glu has been working directly with Ms. Kardashian on fine-tuning the many features and updates that are included in the game. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is original in its storyline, following closely to Kardashian’s own rise to fame, but the gameplay and customization are based off of two former titles of Glu Mobile’s.

Stardom: The A-List and Stardom: Hollywood were Glu’s first attempts at turning the gruesome world of show business into hours of mobile entertainment. In fact, Stardom: Hollywood features the exact same animations as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and even includes replicas of various character customizations. The difference between all three games is the story, which makes each of them intriguing and successful in their own light. The latest title has garnered an enormous amount of success over the other two most likely due to the fact that Kardashian’s name is attached to it.

Although the sky-rocketing iPhone game is free to download and to play, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood offers many in-game purchases that can help increase the player’s experience. Some of these include using real money to buy “K” stars which are a type of in-game currency that can be traded for new clothing options, more “energy” bolts that are required to perform certain actions in the game, or even to charm other characters to further one’s progress. These available purchases have resulted in an incredible earning of $700,000 a day. It is anticipated that the app will garner close to $200 million by the end of the year.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’s gameplay has proven to be rather addictive, giving Candy Crush a run for its money. With over 2.8 billion minutes logged onto the game, players cannot seem to get enough of the original gaming experience the app provides. With an in-depth storyline and small bits of voiceover work by Ms. Kardashian, players immediately become wrapped up in the detailed animation of life in “Hollywood.”

As players acquire modeling and acting gigs, they are placed in a tap-based style of gameplay where certain amounts of energy are used to perform tasks within each gig, collecting as many stars as one can from the tasks. The more stars a player collects in a gig, the better their performance will be. The better the performance, the more fans they will acquire and the more fans they acquire, the more famous they become.

The goal of the game is to land a spot on the A-List. Players start on the E-List and must work their way up to the top by fulfilling all the aforementioned tasks. Although, the story still continues once a player becomes an A-Lister. With continuous updates coming from Kardashian and Glu Mobile, this game may remain relevant for quite some time.

As Kim Kardashian’s sky-rocketing new game continues to be played on iPhones, one must not forget to give credit to the equally entertaining Stardom: The A-List and Stardom: Hollywood. All three Glu Mobile games are available for download on the Apple iTunes store. View a short trailer for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood below.

By Cody Collier

USA Today
Huffington Post