Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Affair With Wedding Dress Designer


Kim Kardashian is now facing rumors that her husband, singer Kanye West, and their friend, Riccardo Tisci, are having an affair. Kim and Kanye, who were recently married, attended a 40th birthday celebration for Tisci, over the weekend. Tisci is a world-famous Givenchy designer. He designed Kardashian’s wedding dress, West’s Tuxedo and the outfit for the couple’s daughter for their May 2014, wedding.

Tisci and West were close friends prior to the rapper and reality TV star becoming a couple. West introduced the star to Tisci, and since then she has also become quite close to the designer. The day of the designer’s birthday bash, in Ibiza, she posted a scantily clad photo of herself wishing him a happy birthday. In the photo she tells Tisci, “Happy Birthday riccardotisci17 I love you soooo much! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight!”

The designer’s party attracted a large group of celebrities. The attendees included Justin Bieber, Diddy, Ciara, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and others. The attire for the soiree was formal and guests were asked to wear black.

As with any event where a group of celebrities get together, the media has been buzzing with details and photos of the event. At first, the gossip reports were fairly innocent, but attention has been turned to the potential relationship between West and Tisci with the rumors claiming that the two are romantically involved.

Those making the allegations point out that the two men were wearing matching outfits. The shirt that the two were wearing was a black button down shirt, with some circular embellishment on the left side. All of the guests were wearing black.

This is not the first time the two have received media attention. Several sources have reported that West and Tisci were a couple, even before the TV star and musician began their relationship. During her pregnancy, there were stories circulating about a pregnant Kardashian “freaking out,” because she believed West and the Givenchy wedding dress designer were having an affair.

The two men have never hidden their relationship. It is common knowledge that they spend a lot of time together. West owns a home in Paris that is very close to Tisci’s. The designer likewise purchased a home close to the rapper’s home in New York.

The reality TV star did not help the rumors when she posted a selfie, with her husband in bed, in the background, adding the comment, “Side chicks be like…” The term “side chicks” is used to refer to a girl someone keeps on the side, when they are in a relationship with someone else. Understandably, the strange comment had people wondering why the star would post that specific comment. Many are wondering what it meant.

Rumors are nothing new to Kim Kardashian, who is a favored subject for many celebrity gossip magazines and websites. Every week, it seems that the couple is involved in a new scandal. They really do not seem bothered by the negative publicity, though.

If rumors of Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, and the designer of her wedding dress, Riccardo Tisci, having an affair were true, it seems likely that she would have some knowledge of this especially as she spends a lot of time with the designer herself. The two have become pretty close. Tisci spoke very highly of the star in an interview with The Sunday Times. In reference to meeting her for the first time, the designer said,”I just wanted a moment with her to understand—and I fell in love.” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have weathered some storms in their two-year relationship, but they always seem to come out ahead. Only time will tell if the couple is strong enough to survive the latest rumors.

By Amy Gilmore

E! Online
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