Miley Cyrus Growing Up?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus seems to be growing up, if this year’s Video Music Awards (VMA) appearance is anything to go by. The singer toned down her outfit and allowed someone else to accept her Moon Man for her. It was all as a tribute to the homeless youths in America.

The 21-year-old has been an advocate for various causes over the years. She stands up for everything she believes in and simply wants to be herself. It should come as no surprise that she decided to stand up for her beliefs at this year’s VMAs. One way to do that was to allow Jesse, a young homeless man, accept the award for her.

Cyrus remained in the audience while Jesse shared his story. He was clearly appreciative of everything the Wrecking Ball singer has done and encouraged the audience and viewers at home to check out the star’s Facebook page. The first post people will see at the time of writing this is a video advocating for the homeless youths in the States.

To encourage more donations, the Can’t Be Tamed singer is offering a prize draw to win tickets to her Brazil concert. All she asks is that people donate $5 towards the cause. That is less than the cost of two cups of coffee from most franchised coffee shops around the country.

Is it a sign that Cyrus is growing up? It is certainly a far cry from last year’s appearance. It was at the VMAs last year that the singer caused a stir by twerking on stage. That performance has been partially to blame for Robin Thicke’s eventually split from wife Paula Patton.

She also opted for a slightly more subdued outfit for the concert. This year, she wore a black boob tube and leather pants. While it was still very her, it showed that she wanted to create a more serious atmosphere. Of course, it could have all been a marketing ploy to ensure the focus was on her cause rather than her outfit or actions. Either way, it does show that she is serious about this and wants others to take it seriously.

It could be a sign that she is growing up. Many wondered whether her twerking and on-stage antics were all a phase. She is young and had just gotten out of a serious relationship from Liam Hemsworth. She has also been working on getting rid of the Disney image that was forced on her to play Hannah Montana. The best way to do all that was to step out in something daring and opt for a drastically different haircut.

While she has had some negative press over the last year or so, she has never acted outside of the law for the country that she is in; at least, not publicly. She just wants to be herself, while standing up for everything she believes in. Her recent appearance just proves that. Maybe Cyrus is growing up, but she is also showing that she has not changed who she is deep down.

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