Nintendo Announces New 3DS and New 3DS XL


Nintendo has announced new versions of the 3DS and the 3DS XL to be released later this year in Japan. Many new changes and some surprising new additions to the hardware have been revealed for the updated handheld gaming systems.

The New 3DS and New 3DS XL will both feature improvements and additions to its hardware. The most noted change is the larger screens and look of the device. The screens and body will be larger and house a new battery and processor. The new battery will extend life by around 15 percent and the processor will be used to speed up downloads, improve gameplay, and enhance graphics. Nintendo noted that some upcoming games will require the new processor to run.

The larger main screen has also gained some big improvements as well. The main screen will now be able to adjust its brightness according to the lighting situation. The New 3DS will automatically adjust for a dark room by lowering its brightness and lighten up when in a brighter surrounding. This new automatic function will also help players save on battery life.

The 3D effect on the main screen has not been forgotten. Nintendo has improved the 3D function as the new screen will be able to offer better viewing angles. The camera and gyro sensors will track where the player’s face is and adjust the 3D effect so that the visuals stay crisp and not blur out as the current 3D screen does. The bottom screen has also been updated with an NFC reader and writer underneath it so that players can place the new Amiibo mini statues directly onto the New 3DS and New 3DS XL to use them.

The announcement of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL handhelds comes as Nintendo is trying to focus on customer feedback. Most of the improvements to the handheld consoles are direct answers to problems gamers have found with the original designs.

Both new versions of the 3DS come with a new analog stick that also functions as a button. The analog stick is called the C-stick and was modeled after the C-stick from the GameCube as moving it can either function as camera control or as button presses. Also, Nintendo has added new shoulder buttons labeled ZR and ZL right next to the ones already on the system.

The face buttons have gotten a make over to resemble the Super Famicon controller buttons. New yellow, green, blue, and red buttons adorn the 3DS and the 3DS XL will get all grey buttons with colored lettering. The new portable consoles will also come in new colors. The 3DS will come in White and Black while the 3DS XL will come in Metallic Blue and Metallic Black.

Other notable changes have come to the slots on the outside of the console. The power button, game card slot, and stylus holding spot have been moved to the outside front panel. There is also a new Micro SD slot that is placed at the bottom of the system underneath the slide-out panel.

Nintendo’s announcement of the New 3DS and the New 3DS XL does not come with a release date for the United States. The only thing Nintendo said about the U.S. release is that it will not happen this year. Gamers will have to wait until next year to get ahold of the updated handheld systems.

By Raul Hernandez