Over 85 Injured in 6.0 Bay Area Earthquake

Over 85 Injured in 6.0 Bay Area Earthquake

A 6.0 earthquake damaged the Bay Area and over 85 injured have been reported but none life threatening so far. There was one long, rolling tremor ranked at a 6.0 by the United States Geological Survey that shook a wide path of the Bay Area early on Sunday. It produced damage to buildings and sent nearly 90 people to the hospital.

The quake was centered around 10 miles to the south of California’s Napa Valley and it struck about 3:20 a.m. The Earthquake was reportedly felt as far to the south as Sonoma County and Santa Cruz. The Geological Service is saying the earthquake is the largest to hit that part of California since the nearly 7.0 quake that struck the Bay Area back in 1989.

Just about two hours after the earthquake hit, a shallow 3.6 magnitude tremor was described by the USGS. The aftershock happened about 5:47 a.m. and it was about a depth of five miles. The National California Seismic System stated that the possibility of a robust aftershock happening in the upcoming week at over 50 percent.

Out of all the injured, three were considered as being critical. One was a child who was flown by helicopter to Santa Rosa Hospital. A spokesperson at a medical center in Napa Valley stated that the majority of the injured patients there were suffering from bruises, cuts and bumps. Most were being treated and released but some had to be admitted.

The quake ended up causing around 50 gas mains and 30 water lines to break. The various leaks drove county officials to open up two different evacuation centers, one at Grace Church and the other at Napa High School. It has been reported that many of the historic buildings around the area have been damaged from the earthquake.

Residents have reported power outages in Napa and various points beyond. Fire departments in numerous counties, along with the California Highway Patrol, have been looking for possible damage to bridges and other structures. CHP Sergeant Eric Lund stated that several main bridges had been declared as being free of damage. Numerous highway overpasses were briefly ordered closed due only as a precaution, he explained, but they have all been reopened, for the most part.

The USGS has stated the quake happened within 45 miles of a set of major fault lines along the San Andreas Fault system. It forms a boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates.

One witness stated that she and her husband were able to hear the earthquake before they felt it. She said it was like a person was violently running up and down the stairs. She and her husband were both awake and were watching television on their couch. That happened to be a lucky break for the two of them because a dresser and television both ended up falling fell on top of their bed in that room. The 6.0 earthquake that damaged the Bay Area could have ended up hurting the two of them very badly.

By Kimberly Ruble


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