World News: GLV Daily Digest for August 25, 2014


The world news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 25, 2014 covers stories around the globe. Ebola spreads to Democratic Republic of Congo, while a doctor in Liberia is dead despite receiving a dose of the promising drug. An American journalist captured by a Syrian terrorist group two years ago, was freed on Sunday. In Iran, an official television channel claimed an Israeli drone was shot down near the Iranian nuclear site.

Ebola Kills Liberian Doctor, Spreads to Congo

The Liberian doctor who contracted the Ebola virus and received a dose of the promising experimental drug has died on Sunday evening. Doctor Abrahim Borbor contracted Ebola after working in a hospital in Monrovia, which is the capital of Liberia. He was given ZMapp, a drug which was given to the two American citizens when they contracted the virus. The sad news comes after Democratic Republic of Congo announced new cases of Ebola, spreading fears that the virus will not stay contained in Western Africa. Following the announcement, the government of Congo has promised free health care until Ebola can be controlled.

Experts believe that the Ebola virus in Congo is of a different strain than the one which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Western Africa. The 2014 Ebola outbreak has been described as the worst one since the virus was discovered in 1976.

American Journalist, Peter Theo Curtis, Freed

Journalist and United States citizen Peter Theo Curtis was freed after being held captive for two years by the Syrian terrorist group known as Jabhat Al-Nusra. After years of struggle to free Curtis, the journalist was handed over to the United Nations peacekeepers on Sunday evening. In the video released on July 18, 2014, his captors demanded a ransom to be paid out for the release of the 45-year-old Curtis. The journalist was forced to read the demands from a piece of paper where it was made known that Peter Theo Curtis was to be killed if the money had not been paid out.

With multiple different extremist groups roaming in the region, Syria has been named the most dangerous place for journalists. Just last week, an American journalist James Foley, was beheaded by the Islamic State extremist group. The two cases are not believed to be related.

Iran Allegedly Shot Down Israeli Drone

On Monday, the state television channel in Iran broadcast footage which was allegedly showing a Israeli drone. Revolutionary Guard reported that the drone was shot down near the Iranian nuclear site over the weekend. The news was aired on Al-Alam TV, which is an Arabic-language, national television channel in Iraq and showed a video of what is believed to be parts of the drone, scattered in the desert area.

The footage did not show any visible Israeli markings on the drone, raising suspicion that the entire story has been set up by the Iranian military, however a scroll of text accompanying the footage identifies the drone as Hermes 450. Hermes 450 is a well-known Israeli mode. The footage was also not made available to foreign media. The incident occurred at a critical time, as the world powers gather in Iran to discuss the possibility of a nuclear program in the country.

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