Xbox Live Free Games With Gold in September


Microsoft has announced which free games will be included in its free Games with Gold on Xbox Live in the month of September. The Xbox One will receive one new game as a free download and the Xbox 360 will receive two new free games.

For the month of September, the popular rail shooter Crimson Dragon will remain a free download on the Xbox One. Many players downloaded the game during August and Microsoft is extending the chance to download the game. Crimson Dragon is usually priced at $19.99.

The new free game announced for the Xbox One is Super Time Force. Originally released in May, this game is another throwback to frantic retro shooters with a large twist. Players are now able to reverse time and try an entire level again with a little bit of help. Whether a player dies due to the action or voluntarily ends their run, the player is able to reverse time and try again with a different character. The first character play through will replay and the new character choice is able to aid that character and even save that character from their death. Over 16 characters result in different weapons and different ways to affect the outcome of a level. The retro look of Super Time Force expands on block-graphics. A large use of various colors brings shadows and depth to the usually flat graphics that retro games are known for. This helps keep the game looking busy and action-packed. Super Time Force is usually priced at $14.99.

Both Crimson Dragon and Super Time Force will be available as free game downloads starting the entire month of September with an Xbox Live Gold membership. The Xbox 360 free game downloads will be available between the first and second half of the month.

The first game announced for the Xbox 360 will be Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine and will be available to download from September 1 until September 15. Originally released in May of last year, this game focuses on crime missions with a top-down view. Gamers are given a basic blueprint of the level and the details of each room are only revealed when the player walks around and can see them. Additional sections of the blueprints are revealed as well while the characters complete missions. The beginning of each level will have players focusing on stealth, yet the game also gives players plenty of options should they become noticed by the many guards and enemies around each level. There are four characters to choose from and four additional characters to unlock. Each character has two available abilities which range from opening doors, hacking computers, to entering the getaway vehicle faster. Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a fun single-player game, but really shines with up to four players. The different types of characters can result in various outcomes and situations that will keep players on their toes. This game supports up to four players on a single console or over Xbox Live. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is usually priced at $14.99.

Originally released in September of 2010, the blockbuster Halo: Reach becomes free to download from September 16 to September 30 on the Xbox 360. It is the last time famed developer Bungie worked on the Halo franchise and this game shows all their love for the game series. Halo: Reach tells the story of Noble Team and its fight against the Covenant on the planet Reach and it is actually a prequel to the Halo series. The gameplay does not change much from previous Halo games, but instead focuses on fine-tuning what made the Halo gameplay great. New abilities and weapons make running-and-gunning more enjoyable than ever. The gameplay has seen improvements, yet the story is the star of the game. Halo: Reach focuses on a team of Spartans instead of just focusing on Master Chief. Each character brings something to the formula and by the end, players will feel connected to the entire team. The focus on team also plays well with the addition of four-player co-op. Up to four players are able to join in on the campaign with players taking control of a Noble Team member. This merges better with the story than just sticking some extra Spartans along for the ride. Up to four players can also play the campaign over Xbox Live. Online multiplayer also includes the popular player-versus-player with up to 16 players. The level editor Forge is included and allows players to change levels, create a new level, weapon layouts, spawn locations, and items. Halo: Reach improves on the formula that made the series a favorite and adds enough to feel fresh in both the campaign and multiplayer modes. Halo: Reach is usually priced at $24.99.

One Xbox Live Gold membership can allow a user to download three new free games in the month of September across the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. A Gold membership is required to keep the game downloads free on the Xbox One. Xbox 360 users can keep the free games regardless if their Gold membership is current or not.

By Raul Hernandez