Aaron Lewis Accused of Killing Arkansas Real Estate Agent


Aaron Lewis, the man who has been accused of both kidnapping and killing Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter stated on Tuesday that she had been targeted because she was “a woman that worked alone.” Lewis, who is an ex-con, appeared in court and gave a plea of not guilty to charges of capital murder, kidnapping and robbery – all related to the murder of Carter. He is being detained on $1 million bail.

Lewis, age 33, admitted while he was being questioned by Arkansas police that he had kidnapped Carter, declared Pulaski County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Carl Minden to several different media sources. However, Lewis did not confess to the murder and would not give any sort of details about the location of Carter’s whereabouts, added Lieutenant Minden.

The suspect briefly talked to news reporters on Tuesday morning as he was being taken from jail to the sheriff’s office, where he was scheduled to undergo yet another interview after he had spent over 12 hours with police detectives on Monday. When Lewis was questioned by the news media as to why Carter had been singled out as a target, Lewis responded that it was because she was a woman who worked alone and a rich broker. Even after that admission, he still denied actually murdering the real estate agent.

Carter’s body was discovered inside a shallow grave at the Argos Concrete Company, which is located around 20 miles from the city of Scott, Arkansas, where Carter was scheduled to show a house that was up for sale. Numerous media sources have reported that Lewis was once employed at the concrete company.

Carter’s family released a statement on Tuesday which said that they were completely devastated by the loss of Beverly. They stated that there was now a hole inside their hearts that could never be filled. They continued by saying that Mr. Lewis had robbed their family of an amazing wife, loving mother and grandmother, and that her grandchildren would never get to know the magnitude of her greatness.

The real estate agent’s disappearance has definitely upset her colleagues, the majority of them females, who consistently agree to meet with strangers inside empty homes that are up for sale. Brenda Rhoads, who works as the principal broker at the real estate business where Carter was employed, explained that the other real estate agents were scared and that she needed someone to give them some kind of reassurance.

Rhoads had been good friends with Carter and worked with her for nearly a decade. She spoke with the news media and stated that she had organized a meeting with an Arkansas State police officer who will come in and talk to her agents at Crye Leike Real Estate in order to attempt to calm their nerves.

Numerous individuals have said that Carter, age 50, and a grandmother, should never have gone to meet the prospective home buyers alone, but Rhoads dismissed such criticisms, responding with, “That’s our job.” She added that at least 80 percent of her real estate agents were women but the male agents were also distraught about the alleged kidnapping and killing of their fellow real estate agent Carter by Aaron Lewis.

By Kimberly Ruble


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