Alex Salmond Stepping Down as Scotland’s First Minister


Alex Salmond has announced that he is stepping down as Scotland’s First Minister following the loss at the recent independence referendum. It is a shock decision that many of the Scottish people were not expecting. There is no confirmation of who will be taking his place as of yet.

The First Minister of Scotland has said that he will not step down immediately. He will simply not put himself up for reelection in November at the SNP party conference. He is also not leaving politics completely. He looks forward to be able to do more without being leader of the party. Salmond is also extremely proud of the results, and says that the debate is not completely over.

Scotland voted against independence on Thursday, with 55 percent of the electorate saying no. There are now claims from the Yes supporters that it was rigged, but nobody has officially commented on that yet. The First Minister does not seem to agree with the minority saying that it was fixed. He believes there are a number of suitable candidates who will be considered now that Salmond is stepping down as Scotland’s First Minister.

By Alexandria Ingham



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