Amber Rose Leaving Wiz Khalifa for Nick Cannon? [Video]

Amber Rose
It has been a little over a year and Amber Rose is already throwing in the towel on her nuptials with Pittsburgh emcee, Wiz Khalifa. It was all good just a week ago, until former stripper turned actress/model/socialite filed for divorce this past Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. It was not long after her appearance on Wild N Out and signing on with Nick Cannon as manager that Rose decided to leave Wiz. It seems that there was more going on in this pseudo-happy home and Rose could not take anymore. In a time where rappers are quick to wed the first pretty face that stays in their life for more than a one-night, this is an unexpected turn of events for Wiz Khalifa. It appears that the happy couple just could not make it to the two-year mark without domestic drama.

According to TMZ, Rose filed this past Monday and is seeking full custody of their one-year old son, Sebastian. This seems like it might get a little bitter on both camps, as Rose is considering giving Wiz visitation rights. The two had a prenup when they first tied the knot, but Rose is reported to still receive spousal support. Still no definite confirmation on why Rose chose to file, but there are rumors of infidelity on both parts, sparking rumors of a reported romance between her and funny-man Nick Cannon. This is definitely a shocker for many fans of the couple. Considering that their nuptials were in July 2013 and celebration in the fall, the break-up is a little questionable on Rose’s part.

Amber Rose is no stranger to high-profile romances and splits. She first appeared on the pop-culture radar when she was coupled-up with Chicago artist, Kanye West. Shortly after his split from long-time girlfriend and former stylist Alexis Phifer, West was spotted all over with a blonde bombshell. Many were curious at who this voluptuous woman was rocking a Sinead O’Connor cut. As the couple were spotted more and more at red carpet events and award shows, Rose became a semi-celebrity in her own right. Her short-haired styled sparked a nationwide trend of woman cutting their luscious locks low and letting their natural, fuzzy beauty shine. West was even inspired himself, as his project My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy made several references to Rose and even had her featured on a track.

Although the romance was highly publicized, it was short-lived. The couple split in 2010 and Rose was reported to have numerous flings with high-profiled celebrities at the time. From Reggie Bush to Chris Brown to Drake to Amar’e Stoudemire to Eddie Murphy to Nick Cannon, the beautiful socialite is no stranger to black male celebrities and staying in the public eye. It was not until she met Wiz Khalifa in January of 2011 that she appeared to have settled down and became domesticated. Wiz boasted about Rose to interviewers and naysayers. Khalifa also went as far as to imitate oral sex on Rose during a concert. It seems the 27 year-old rapper will be singing a different tune now that Rose has no love lost. Reports of Rose spending time with Mariah Carey’s estranged husband and new manager, Nick Cannon, have already surfaced.

Break-ups can never be easy, especially in the public. High profiled divorces can get even worse when both parties are claiming infidelity. Although the couple seemed to have been a match made in heaven and happy, the filing by Amber Rose shows that not all is what it seems in a Hollywood home. Amber Rose calling it quits from Wiz is either a sad day in love and hip-hop or a plot by Rose to be well taken care of with spousal and child support as she enjoys the single life. Either way, may their infant be protected from the drama and messiness of the situation.

By Tyler Cole

Daily Mail