Danity Kane to Release New Album [Video]

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From five to none, then four to three, then to possibly two, the female girl group/trio/duo Danity Kane may have officially called it quits but that is not stopping their new project from reaching iTunes and store shelves. Group members Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day took to Instagram to share the good news that their mysterious project DK3 is set to finally drop this Fall. Although the girls did not manage to stay as a group, or even friends, they will continue to ride the Danity Kane coat-tail and please fans with some new music that they have been long teasing.

After Diddy decided to end the girl group in 2009, members Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, D.Woods, Dawn Richard, and Aundrea continued on to moderately successful solo careers. It was not until four of the members were spotted together again in 2013, that speculation of a Danity Kane reunion began to fly. The ladies remained relatively quiet about getting back together, until they officially announced their comeback and tour dates. Member D.Woods was missing from the reunion for reasons unknown. Fanboys and girls rejoiced at the news that the chart-topping girl group was making a comeback and hitting a city near them. As the tour drew to a close, member Aundrea Fimbres decided to bow out of the spotlight and pursue a new role as a new wife and step mother. The quartet was down to three and the show continued on. As a trio, the girls still managed to release a new single, titled Lemonade featuring Tyga, and finish the tour.

It seemed like the trio were making it through without the other two members, or founder Sean “Diddy” Combs, but it did not last long. It was not long before drama started to follow the group on their success. During their tour, fans were still wondering why estranged member D.Woods was not part of the reunion. Woods put the rumors to rest by stating that she was not initially invited to the return of the girl group. Member Aubrey O’Day decided that the higher road was one less traveled and fired back by stating that Woods was, indeed, invited back but turned them down.

The drama continued after the tour wrapped as news broke of an altercation between the group members Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard. A studio rehearsal turned into a backyard brawl between the two songstress as O’Day called the cops on Richard. In the police report, O’Day stated that she was having a conversation with fellow band mate Shannon Bex and Richard attacked her by punching her in the back of the neck. Charges were eventually dropped and Bex and O’Day took to Instagram to try to convince fans that Danity Kane was not breaking up but the writing was on the wall. Richard was done with the group and took to the internet to apologize to the fans. It seemed like the Danity Kane comeback was over and the new album was just a myth…until this week.

Although the girl group will just be a thing of MTV’s Making the Band‘s past, their new material is still set to drop on October 28th. With the release of their follow-up single Rhythm of Love, the group is dropping DK3 as a parting gift to fans and thanks for waiting so patiently for their return. The project will feature ten new tracks, including Bye Baby, Rage, and Lemonade. DK3 It looks like American girl groups just can not stand the test of time.

By Tyler Cole





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