‘Deadpool’ Movie Made Possible by Internet [Video]


Deadpool, a Marvel comic character and X-Men stalwart, is grabbing his old swords and taking them to the big screen in a couple years from now. While not his first trip to the screen, this one looks to make substantial additions and variations as he, probably portrayed by the same actor, comes to his own full movie. Ryan Reynolds, who is not yet confirmed to play the Merc with the Mouth, has credited the internet and people that wanted the move made for this project coming back to life. The character himself has had a long, strange journey through comic book lore, into a recent video game and even took out the rest of the Marvel Universe in a one-off storyline, each adding more to his popularity.

Reynolds, who also starred in The Green Lantern and Blade: Trinity, played a version of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009. In the film, Wilson was turned into Weapon XI, also called Deadpool, which had a collection of other mutant’s powers. However, many fans of the mercenary rejected this version as there was no spoken dialogue, which violates one of his main character traits, and a misrepresentation of the character’s pool of powers.

Despite this backlash, Deadpool and his own movie was kept alive in a state of limbo before a video released to the internet that showed test footage of Reynolds in the trademark red suit. Social media and fans everywhere used their power “in the right way,” according to Reynolds. “There was such an overpowering reaction to the footage,” he reveals in an interview, calling the power of the internet in this instance “awe-inspiring.” The actor is a huge fan of the comic book lore behind the mercenary, and is fully expected to reprise his Wade Wilson role for the movie by the release date.

That release has already been set for Feb. 12 in 2016 and currently looks to go head-to-head against an animated movie called Pets, Gods of Egypt and romantic comedy How to be Single. This restructures 20th Century Fox’s movie dates slightly by moving the Fantastic Four reboot until Aug. 7 2015 and currently displacing the Assassin’s Creed movie from their schedule. Deadpool will join Superman V Batman, X-Men: Apocalypse and The Sinister Six, among others, in a 2016 calendar year full superhero movie releases. Director Tim Miller will be at the helm while writing and producing duties will fall to Rhett Reese.

Deadpool in a standalone movie received internet support because of the character portrayed through the comic book medium. Wade Wilson became one of the most deranged heroes in Marvel by joining the same program as Wolverine in a hope to cure his cancer. Unfortunately, the cells were amplified until his entire body was disfigured. Taken to a mental asylum, Wade was comatose and expected to die at any time, causing several orderlies and patients to take bets on when he would die, consequently bringing him a new name. He adopted this moniker upon awakening and separated himself from other mercenaries with a mixture of his quick healing factor and his fourth-wall breaking. Deadpool is often talking to his fans directly through the comic, and may just be doing the same on the silver screen in 2016.

By Myles Gann


The Verge

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