‘Destiny’ Queen’s Wrath Event Begins


Destiny is in the midst of opening events that look to begin the 10-year plan Activision has in mind for the new title. The most recent one, the Queen’s Wrath, takes advantage to a previously barren part of the galaxy map, giving higher-level players a bit more content and opportunity for loot. Those that have already tackled the added content have reported a higher rate of Legendary and Rare items than the rest of the areas in the game. This is only one of the many announced events and expansions to be added to the science-fiction shooter over the opening months, each of which Bungie has already detailed on their website.

The Queen’s Wrath event opens up The Reef area of the galaxy map, putting missions to the motivations of the Awoken Queen there. The Queen refers to one of the few characters met during the main story of the game, who even offers a foreboding declaration that she will call upon the Guardians when she needs them. The content of the temporary expansion is centered around “extinguishing the enemies of The Reef,” and rewards those that do with Unique Legendary and Rare gear. Mission modes will be available from an Emissary of the Queen, who is currently in the Tower hub handing out those and bounties to anyone that asks. These missions and bounties will be available between today (Sept. 23) and Oct. 6.

Given that this content hands out the second and third rarest tiers of gear Destiny offers, it is recommended that Guardians be above level 20 before beginning the Queen’s Wrath event. The event began early this morning, already offering some the opportunity to test the new modes and bounties. In two missions that use existing planets within the game, a user reports acquiring two Legendary pieces of armor, which seems quite a bit more often than any other missions thus far. It is not guaranteed that Legendary gear is handed out in each mission, but from the name of the drops — two separate parts of a “Queen’s” armor set — it can be inferred that this a whole set could, eventually, be completed by finishing these tasks.

This event comes in an early wave of promised additions, expansions, and downloadable content from Bungie and Activision. Salvage, another temporary game mode, was added and allowed Crucible players an additional three-on-three match type for a weekend, Combined Arms was a vehicular-focused game mode, an event which has Bungie team members going against community Guardians is an ongoing challenge every weekend and two confirmed, paid expansions are coming within the next six months. A new multiplayer mode called the Iron Banner, which takes away the “nerfing” of weapons in the Crucible, will be available in Oct. as well.

Probably the most substantial, permanent event added to Destiny before the Queen’s Wrath event ever began is The Vault of Glass. This high-level area challenges teams of six Guardians to fight through lengthy droves of enemies and moving architecture. A group first braved the “most elaborate” mission Bungie has ever crafted a couple of days after its release, all of them being between the levels of 26 and 28. The Vault of Glass is currently one of the stiffest challenges facing any players in the Destiny community, but the Queen’s Wrath may be the most fortuitous.

By Myles Gann

Game Informer
Guardian Liberty Voice

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