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Dwayne Johnson, former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler under the name “The Rock,” has been confirmed to have several movie roles over the next few years – at least one of them for a DC Comics license. He is also lined up for many other action flicks alongside other big name stars, but will be taking a step towards revisiting another of his past franchises for multiple sequels. Meanwhile, his family recovers from an accident that has left his mind on them as well.

Warner Bros., which owns the rights to DC Comics movies, has announced a string of nine unnamed movies related to their brand from 2016 through 2020, giving moviegoers two superhero flicks per year at least. Among those mysterious titles, one has now been confirmed by a Warner Bros. representative to be a Shazam-based feature. With a tweet earlier today, the former wrestler confirmed that he is to play the anti-hero Black Adam for the movie. Johnson had previously said that he was attached to a DC title but declined to say which until recently, only now clarifying his actual position. Black Adam, since the DC universe went through a reset, has become a hunted, nearly indestructible warrior within the lore. His tagline, also used in Johnson’s tweet, is “Kneel at his feet or be crushed by his boot.”

Other details of the motion picture have come into focus as well. Penning the script for the film will be Darren Lemke of Turbo and Jack the Giant Slayer fame, while Johnson himself and Hiram Garcia will be producers. Shazam, who would be the lead, has not been cast as of yet, but his character in the comic is one of a hero and villain. Billy Batson transforms from a teenager into the magical Shazam by shouting that word to gain strength, speed, will and power over lightning, but often has a prideful approach to fighting those he considers beneath him.

Confirmed roles for Johnson extend beyond DC comics. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which he starred in, will be getting a sequel with Johnson reprising his role. In fact, the company has stated that he will appear both in Journey 3 and a fourth entry with the plan to film them back-to-back. Chad and Casey Hayes, who wrote The Conjuring together, will write the script for both sequels and Josh Hutcherson is also rumored to reprise his role. The action star is also rumored to be swirled through time in a sequel to the upcoming Terminator: Genysis. That rumor seems to have sprung from a congratulatory tweet from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Johnson over his Hercules movie.

Johnson, though he will be playing a DC Comics superhero, is still a confirmed family man. About a month ago, he let the world know that his mother and cousin had been struck by an automobile and had to be taken to a hospital for emergency care. Both survived and were released, giving Johnson peace-of-mind. As he wrote on Twitter: “you realize the most important thing is my family lived thru this and we can hug each other that much tighter.”

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