Ellen DeGeneres Plus Old Technology Plus Kids Equals Adorable [Video]

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres can certainly keep the audience laughing, and she does not disappoint in this adorable bit with kids and how they react to old school technology. The award-winning talk show host and her interactions with children has been one of the fan favorites for years now. She is kind and very mindful of the little ones, and she has the ability to coax out responses that leave the fans laughing out loud.

Many a child has crossed the stage of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and sat in the chair across from her. Some were child prodigies, some were YouTube sensations, but all of them entertained. Some of the most notable guests were Sophia Grace and Rosie, who made their debut after the comedian saw them on the Internet singing a Nicki Minaj song. The two tiny British girls came and rapped their way into the hearts of Americans and are working on their first movie, chronicling their adventures in the U.S.

Children with talent have always been regulars on the show, from hip hop stars like Akshat who made his first appearance on India’s Got Talent, to kids on the street dancing with unlikely partners such as their dog. The Emmy-winning host, who is in her 12th season of the show, is proving that this year will be no exception. DeGeneres and her interactions with children that come on the show are something not to be missed. Some of these kids steal the show with their responses, and the comedian’s reaction to their banter usually ends with her infectious laughter. Her interview with Noah Ritter, the Apparently Kid, is one such interview where the child steals the scene, and he is also one of the kids that continued to move up after his appearance, as Ritter now has done his first commercial.

Along with her one-of-a-kind humor and signature guests, DeGeneres is also one of the most generous of people, and regularly gives back to her fans. Military families, single parents and those struggling with difficulties that are out of their control are regular recipients of the show’s generosity. The comedian has given away countless cars to those that needed them the most, money for those that are struggling, and even the most generous of gifts, a home. Audiences around the world have come to count on DeGeneres to turn tears of laughter into turn into tears of joy for those fortunate enough to be a recipient of her generosity.

The video below is destined to become a classic, much like the technology that the comedian shows to the kids, as their reactions are priceless. For many of the show’s fans, this will be a trip down memory lane, and some will be as perplexed as the children themselves as to what these things were used for. DeGeneres takes something as simple as an old school answering machine and turns it into a downright entertaining bit that will leave the viewer laughing out loud. So, the math is simple: if you take Ellen DeGeneres, add some old school technology and then add some kids, the result equals adorable.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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