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Extreme Weight Loss

Tonight is the Season Finale of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC and the episode deals with a father and his daughter, Jeff and Juliana, who are struggling with overeating and write a letter to transformational coaches and trainers, Chris and Heidi Powell, to ask for their help. At the start of the episode, the father and his daughter have a strained relationship, at best. Will they both be able to make it to the end of the episode and meet their year-long weight-loss goals?

Though Juliana has two siblings, her parents had her late in their lives so it is almost as if she is an only child. Her siblings are more than 10 years older than she is the age difference making it even harder for her to connect with her father. One reason Jeff, 55, writes the letter to Chris and Heidi is that he wants to becomes a better role model for his daughter.

At his initial weigh-in, Jeff weighs 423 pounds and his 15-year-old daughter, Juliana, comes in at 265 pounds. Jeff is approximately 200 pounds overweight. The other teens at Juliana’s high school pick on her and bully her. Chris and Heidi challenge the father and daughter to repair their relationship and lose 330 pounds together.

They will both spend the first 90 day of their year-long weight-loss journey in Aurora, Colorado, at the renowned University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. There, they will learn about wellness and nutrition and exercise with Chris and Heidi Powell for the first 90 days of the year.

During the year, the father and daughter will develop the bond that they never really had before, in one of the season’s most touching episodes so far, though they will definitely both have their ups and downs, as well. Jeff will get to meet past and present players from his favorite team, the Denver Broncos, and Juliana will get the chance to ride roller coaster rides at DisneyWorld with her father.

Jeff has a difficult time, at first. Both his age and his being morbidly obese limited the success he has initially. His back also was hurting him quite a bit. Jeff still persevered, though, despite the difficulties he was experiencing.

Chris had a surprise for Jeff as they all tossed around a football outside. He introduced Jeff to Demaryius Thomas. “Your story touched my heart,” Demaryius said.

Chris asked Thomas “How many times were you injured along the way?”

Thomas said “numerous times.” He mentioned several injuries he had over the years, including a broken pinkie. Jeff got the chance to throw a pass to Thomas and it made his day. “I will be forever grateful If that’s the only thing I get to do this time, that is amazing,” Jeff said to the camera. He also said that he thinks he has already grown a lot closer to his daughter during this process.

Then, Terrell Davis showed up with two tickets to the Broncos game so Jeff can cheer them on in person, along with his daughter. They have made it through Boot Camp at this point, but now the hard part is really ahead of them as they are apart and Juliana had to go back and attend school. Jeff still stays in Colorado to try to make his goal.

“It’s the end of Phase I,” Chris says. “Let’s see what those changes are on the scale.”

Juliana: “If the scale says 199 pounds or less, you’ve met your goal. Step up on the scale,” Chris tells her. She weighs 221 pounds “about 22 pounds away,” Chris said to her. She said that she had to go back to school and it was much tougher to find the time to exercise.

Jeff wants to weigh 299 or less, to skip the 300s altogether. Before his weight is shown, Extreme Weight Loss went to another commercial break.”We gave you the goal to lose in 90 days,” Chris told him. “Jeff, right now, you weigh 318 pounds.”

“It took me a number of weeks not to even be in any pain,. I was really working hard these past few weeks, so I don’t know why I didn’t lose more,” Jeff told Chris and Heidi.

“Tomorrow, Phase II begins,” Chris told them.

Heidi said that the next day, they would both get “full makeovers.” The result was fantastic!

“Jeff looks good. He’s finally the cool dad he wanted to be,” Chris told the camera.

“Your Phase II Goal is to lose a total of 55 pounds,” Chris told Jeff. “Does that sound do-able?”

“It definitely feels do-able,” Jeff said.

Juliana’s Phase II Goal is to lose 30 pounds.

When they both arrive in their neighborhood, people lined the streets with signs welcoming them back home. “They made that moment something I’ll never forget,” Jeff said, choked up.

“I delivered all that equipment to their house and they’re not even using it,” Chris tells the camera after commercials, ticked off that it seemed as if Jeff and Juliana were not going to give it their all once they were on their own. Jeff had only lost 8 pounds and Juliana had lost 11, though it was still early in Phase II. Then, Extreme Weight Loss went to another commercial break.

Chris and Heidi did surveillance on Jeff and Juliana. They saw that both Jeff and Juliana went to the gym, but they cut short the time that they spend there. They left at 6:30, 40 minutes early. Jeff and Juliana’s trainer said that Jeff told him that he had “meetings.” However, he did not leave the house after they both got home.

“This whole ‘meetings’ thing is B.S.,” Chris said. “That explains a lot about what’s going on.”

Chris follows Jeff at his lunch time and sees that Jeff does not go to the gym for an hour of cardio, but he instead gets a sandwich to eat. Juliana takes the bus after school instead of walking to her house, like she is supposed to do. She stops at a coffee shop to get something to eat there.

“She wonders why she’s not transforming,” Heidi said. “This is why.” Both she and Chris but out Jeff and Juliana.

Then, Chris followed Jeff but loses him. Heidi said she sees them both getting out of a car. Chris wonders if Jeff and Juliana will lie to them or tell them the truth.

Jeff told Chris “I feel like we’re getting into a routine.” Jeff lies to both of them, and so does Juliana. Juliana talked about all the walking she did yesterday, “two hours of walking and two hours of cardio. It’s a lot, when you put it into perspective,” Juliana told Chris and Heidi.

“It looks like everything you’ve both been doing is pretty spot-on,” Chris said. “The only problem is that everything you’ve been telling us isn’t totally the truth.” Then, Extreme Weight Loss on ABC went to yet another break.

“This might be the end of the road for them,” Chris told the camera. Chris and Heidi told the pair that they had been watching them yesterday.

We were waiting for the bus, and I got a Mocha Lite,” Juliana said.

“A blended drink that’s like 200 calories,” Heidi said.

Jeff told them that he had the meetings cancelled. He could show them that he got a phone call to cancel the meetings. “Here we are in Phase II and Jeff is lying and Juliana is following suite,” Chris said.

Both Chris and Heidi just want Jeff and Juliana to be honest. “If you keep lying to yourself, there’s nothing we can do. We do believe in second chances, so we can give you one. But, if you keep lying, there’s nothing we can do,” Chris told them. Jeff said he apologized for not telling them the truth.

“Hopefully, this is the turn-around point for them,” Chris said to the camera. “But, I’m not convinced of that. We’ll just have to wait for the Six Month Weigh-In.”  Extreme Weight Loss

“Last time we saw Jeff and Juliana was six weeks ago,” Chris told the camera. “Today, if the scale says 263 pounds or less, you’ve met your goal,” Chris told him. He came in at 277 pounds. “You fell a little bit short,” Chris said. “But you really did step it up.”

“We gave you the goal to lose 30 pounds. If you weigh 191 or less, you’ve met your goal,” Heidi tells her. “195. So, you fell four pounds short of your goal, But, that’s really god.”

Chris told them “Last night, we went to your house and stole something. I hope you’re not mad at us.” It was a picture of them all at Disney World. That is where Chris and Heidi told them that they will go and they will both run a half marathon of over 13 miles.

“I know that this will be a challenge,” Jeff said. “But, I can’t let my daughter down.”

“Today is the day of the Half Marathon. I’m a little bit nervous mixed with a lot of excitement,” Jeff told the camera at Disney World.

“My biggest worry is Jeff. He’s 55 years old and came into this morbidly obese,” Chris told the camera. Heidi and Juliana run ahead of Jeff. Juliana said “I don’t want to leave my father behind,” but Heidi said “You’re not leaving him behind. He would want you to keep on going.””

“When I saw that finish line,”Juliana said, “I was almost in tears. I booked it,” Juliana said.

Her mother was there, saying “I’m so proud of you.”

Heidi thought that Jeff and Chris were not that far behind them, but they wait 5, 10, 15 minutes without seeing them. “When I crossed the finish line and saw how much pride my wife and daughter had for me,” Jeff said, “That was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Chris said “No matter what, I need you under 250.” That was how much Jeff would need to weigh at the next weigh-in to potentially qualify for the skin reduction surgery he would need.

“I want you to get to 175,” Heidi told Juliana. Chris told Juliana that he had gotten a phone call from the NFL and she was going to help them inspire other kids to lose weight with the Ply 60 Program.

Jeff also got to met Bronco football player Eric Decker and Karl Mecklenberg. “Nine months ago, I didn’t know my daughter. And now I can say she’s shining like a bright star.”

“We haven’t seen Jeff and juliana since Disney World. It looks like things have really turned around for them,” Chris told the camera.

“Today’s the big day, you guys, and, Juliana, you’re not eligible for the skin surgery because you’re just 16 and your body is still growing.” Juliana is not sure if she has met her goal. If the scale says 175 or less, she will have met her goal,” Heidi said. She weighed in at 184 pounds.

“I’m disappointed,” Juliana said. “This is the third goal I haven’t met.”

“Do we think you could have done better?” Heidi said. “Yes, we do. But, you still lost a lot of weight.” Heidi said to the camera that she knew that, with younger people like Juliana, it was best to give as much encouragement as possible.

“If the scale says 250 or less, you will have met your goal,” Chris said. Jeff came in at 249 pounds. He will meet with the doctors and see if he qualifies tomorrow. “I lost 174 pounds, but I’ve gained a daughter and a family. I’ve gained so much more than I lost,” Jeff said.

The next day, Dr. Gordon told Jeff “I think that you’re a candidate for skin surgery. Clearly, the belly is the most problem. We can cut away the belly, but your backside could also lose a lot of skin. If you were able to lose another 24 or 25 pounds, that would be best for that kind of surgery.”

“He’s so close — he has less than 25 pounds to go,” Chris told the camera. Then, Extreme Weight Loss went to another commercial break. We will learn what Jeff and his family has decided after the show returns.

“At 249 pounds I’m not finished,” Jeff said.

“He turned down the surgery now. That shows what sort of commitment that he has made.” They will have their final weigh-in in Los Angeles, California.

“What’s up, everybody?” Chris asked the large audience there. “Who wants to see Jeff and Juliana? They’re on their way right now.” Chris relates that Juliana felt as if she “didn’t ahve a father.”

“What say we bring out Jeff first?” Chris asked. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the new Jeff!” Jeff looked slim and dapper.

“When Heidi asked what kind of relationship I had with my daughter, I said I had a good one. I was lying to myself. I realize now what it means to be a father,”

“And you’re a great one,” Heidi said. “Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the new Juliana!” Heidi said. Then, Juliana came out, and she was looking slim and beautiful. She said that “at times it was rough, but I was glad to have my dad do it with me. He’s the best dad in the world.”

Jeff said “That’s the best thing I could have ever heard.”

Juliana stepped on the scales first. We saw a black-and-white montage of her past year-long weight loss journey. She weighed in at exactly 170 pounds, having lost 95! She met her year-end weight loss goal!

“Well, Jeff, are you ready to weigh in?” Chris asked him.

“Yes, I am,” Jeff said.

“225 is the magic number. Go ahead and take that last step up on the scale,” Chris said. Again, we saw scenes of Jeff’s past year on his weight loss journey. He could have had the partial skin surgery done earlier, but he chose to wait, and to lose the additional 25 pounds for the full surgery.

“The skin surgeon told you that if you lost the additional 25 pounds, he would perform the more major surgery,” Chris said “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” Chris said. Jeff not only lost the additional 25 pounds, he ended up weighing in at 218 pounds.

Chris gave Jeff and Juliana the opportunity to “pay it forward,” to give a one week scholarship to someone. Juliana gave it to her older sister, Joanna.

“Joanna, I love you,” Juliana said, going over to hug her sister.

“You have saved our family,” Jeff told Chris and Heidi, “in everyway that it is possible to save a family.”

“I can honestly say that this has been a success story. The best thing is that I got to share this year with my daughter. The sky’s the limit for her.”

“I love you, daddy,” Juliana said at the end of the season finale of Extreme Weight Loss.

The Season Finale of Extreme Weight Loss was yet another great episode in a season filled with great episodes. It focused on the year-long weight-loss journeys of father and daughter Jeff and Juliana. They desperately needed to repair their familial relationship as well as lose their extra physical weight to qualify for skin reduction surgery. Though Juliana found out that she was too young to have the surgery performed yet, she still made it to her year-end goal, coming in at 170 pounds.

Both Jeff and Juliana had major difficulties meeting their initial weight loss goals, and they failed to meet them largely because they cheated and lied to both Chris and Heidi and themselves. But, they ended up turning what could have been a disaster totally around, and both met their year-end weight-loss goals. What is even more important is that they grew closer together as a father and daughter and Jeff’s wife was proud of both of them, so they grew as a family.

Written By Douglas Cobb


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