Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for September 8, 2014


Gamers still dedicated to their last-gen consoles will have a new incentive to get the new Xbox One or Playstation 4 with Bungie offering a free upgrade of Destiny from the old to the new platforms. NHL 15 is upsetting many of its fans by cutting out a very long list of features and game modes that have been standard for the series. ESPN President John Skipper dismisses eSports as not a real sport but rather just a competition. Finally, a Russian documentary features Team Fortress 2 poster as example of World War 1 propaganda. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Sept. 8, 2014.

Destiny can be upgraded to next-gen consoles for free

gamingGood news for the fans of the upcoming Bungie massively multiplayer shooter who are stuck on the old-gen Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 but thinking about upgrading soon. The developer has just announced that those who buy the game for the older console will have an option to upgrade it to the newer one entirely for free. However, the deal is limited to only a single family of consoles (that is, Xbox users can only upgrade to another Xbox), and lasts only until Jan. 15th, 2015. Naturally, all player stats and gear will be transferred as well. The time limit on this generous offering sounds like a deliberate motivator, aimed to get those hesitant about upgrading to the new consoles to finally move forward. Destiny will launch tonight at midnight.

NHL 15 missing core features

GamingFans of the sports genre are often disappointed that some of their favorite players or teams do not make it into the game due to licensing issues. However, EA’s latest NHL 15 goes a step further, removing many features that were fundamental to the series. For example, the players will no longer be able to edit the real-life team members on their roster and the practice modes are limited to just the most basic shooting drill. Multiplayer has also been somewhat handicapped, leaving only a random ranked match mode rather than allowing players to pit their Ultimate Teams against each other. Many other game modes and features are missing as well. Some may be patched back in at a later time, but EA has not announced an official timetable yet.

ESPN President does not think eSports are a sport

GamingWhile on the topic of virtual eSports, president of the ESPN John Skipper does not consider them a proper athletic sport. In his explanation, these games are merely competitions akin to chess or checkers. Skipper does bring up a good point, particularly given that eSports do not require much athletic abilities aside from operating the controller or the keyboard and mouse. Regardless of whether or not eSports are a real sport, it is hard to disagree that they are definitely growing to have a similar impact. A recent DOTA 2 championship awarded the winning team with a whopping $5 million prize, and the upcoming League of Legends World Championship is expected to sell out the entire 45,000 seat stadium in Korea.

Russian documentary mistakes Team Fortress 2 poster for WWI propaganda

GamingTime for some slightly more amusing news. Video games have been occasionally featured on various tv shows or documentaries before, albeit with a clear indication of what they represent. Not so in the case of a recent Russian documentary about World War I, which displayed a fan-made poster from Team Fortress 2 depicting a soldier eating a baby. It is not clear if the poster was an honest omission or a deliberate gaff. However, it is not the first time Russian media makes this kind of mistake. Few weeks back, Russia Today also depicted a Metal Gear Solid 5 screenshot in a report about child soldiers.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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