George Clooney Wedding to Amal Alamuddin May Bring Wonderful Surprises

George Clooney
George Clooney, the leading man of so many good movies and heartthrob to scores of women around the globe, will marry the beautiful Amal Alamuddin just hours from now. Love is in the air and much fascination. It is fun to think of the romance and the fairytale wedding plans, complete with the bevy of Hollywood stars and world famous celebrities set to attend. Aside from the fanfare, this marriage may well bring some wonderful surprises. Those surprises will come from an area most of us are familiar with, Clooney’s work.

Clooney is a movie star in the tradition of the greats. That is to say, an actor with oodles of charisma and magnetism, who is also known for quality and important work. From Bogart to Brando, from Tyrone Power to Warren Beatty, Clift to Nicholson, Denzel to Poitier, we have marveled at what they’ve been able to show us, and with what style and grace. With Clooney’s growing body of work, all indications are that he’ll continue to deliver performances that enlighten while they entertain.

What wonderful surprises will love bring? They say love, in it’s many forms, has the ability to make new again. That it conquers all. Is patient. Expansive. They even say true love is eternal. It matures you and keeps you young at once. That kind of puts you right at the heart of things. So if Clooney and Alamuddin have true love, the jewel in the crown of a marriage, how it will inform Clooney’s choices in his work. Both George and Amal have a good head on their shoulders, Alma being a high profile human rights lawyer and author, and George, well, being George. This is not a decision that was made on the fly, or for superficial reasons. So the chances of true love being in the air would seem well grounded. Add to it that both of them are committed activists, and the promise of the wedding being the genesis of great things to come appears more concretely on the horizon. At least one wonderful result of that love, is that we stand to be beneficiaries, both from George’s work in film and the combined activism of the soon to be marrieds.

Celebrity marriages have produced varied results, from divorce and law suits, to shining examples, children, and happiness. Hope springs eternal. When two people we’ve come to know and love take the vow to honor, cherish and love each other as long as they both shall live, we watch with hope, which reveals a truth about us. Here, with this handsome couple, if the marriage does work, if they do have true love, and grow in that love, we know that the hope we invest in them, in this wedding and their marriage, will be returned to us by them in a way that may touch our lives. George Clooney’s wedding to Amal Alamuddin may bring wonderful surprises because love has a way of doing that. Let’s wish them, and ourselves, the very best.

Blog By Nile Ford