Halloween Snacks That Are Fun and Scary Easy!


There are so many treats out there that are easy to make for Halloween and they can be fun for the kids or scary for the adults. October is the month for trick or treating, and marathon watching of horror films, not to mention a party just about every weekend. From bloody fingers made from hot dogs, to the cutest minion cupcakes for the kiddies, there is something for everyone, one just needs to know where to find it.

HalloweenLet us start with a couple of treats for the kids; after all, they enjoy Halloween just as much as the adults who love to dress up. The first recipe is simple and super cute. All that is needed is yogurt covered pretzels and some colored candy to melt. Turn those yummy snacks into a hit by making delicious and October worthy bites that are sweet yet not loaded with sugar.

These little E.T. looking snacks (pictured right) will have the kids not wanting to phone home! Next on the list is also for the little ones, and if there is a Despicable Me fan in the house, then this just may be the treat of the season.

HalloweenCupcakes can be made into so many different things depending on how you decorate them, so with just a few items, they can be made into adorable minions! Just bake a favorite flavor of cupcake and use white icing as shown here (left) or use a little food coloring to turn it yellow.

The next step involves a decorated half of a Twinkie that most anyone with just a little bit of skill can put together. Take Smarties candies and attach them to the Twinkies using just a little bit of icing. Piping on this creation is minimal, and a plastic baggy with the corner cut off will work as well as the real thing. Now, turn those candies into minion glasses and add just a few black sprinkles on top for hair. These minion creations are sure to be the hit of the party!

A cute idea for a Halloween lunch is to cut a cooked hot dog down the middle about 3/4 of the way through. Now slit those in half, and half again, it will be left looking like a crazy shredded hot dog pom-pom. Now place it down on a bowl of macaroni and cheese so that the un-cut portion is sticking up and the ‘legs’ are spread out around the top of the bowl. Add mustard or ketchup eyes, and the little ones will be eating octopus mac-n-cheese.

HalloweenNothing is better than an adult party, where the beverages flow, and the costumes become a bit more elaborate than those worn by  the trick or treaters. When invited to a house party on this most hallowed of eves, guests often wonder what to bring that won’t break the bank.

A simple and budget friendly dish to bring for Halloween is simply popcorn, but not just any popcorn, bloody popcorn. Just add red food coloring to your butter and drip it over the bowl until you have it just bloody enough. Most everyone loves this treat, and adding red butter makes it the ultimate snack!

HalloweenAnother easy snack is to take marinara sauce and put it into a serving dish. Then, take cream cheese and form it into balls. Using an ice cream scoop works well for this. After that, simply take a 1/2 an olive and place it in the center of each cream cheese ball, and now you have turned a party favorite into eyes floating in blood. (see photo)

Lastly is an adult version of hot dogs that are sure to please, if you have the stomach to eat them. Simply take cooked hot dogs and cut as shown above, then make cuts across where knuckles might be. Now for the fun part! Take pieces of a white onion and attach them to the cut-out with ketchup. Bloody fingers are always a hit, and serving them in individual cups, or even displaying them in a cupcake pan will allow them to stand up, so the guests get the full effect. Happy haunting this Halloween!

opinion by Kristi Cereska

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  1. Douglas Cobb   September 26, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    What great ideas for Halloween treats for both kids and adults!

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