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How I Met Your Mother

An alternate ending for How I Met Your Mother has been leaked, and fans are likely to be happy. The ending to the series was a disappointment for many. No sooner had people gotten to meet “The Mother” and see how the two met, but Tracy was killed off in some unknown way. All fans knew was that she was sick. She was not even seen with the older children, and the show failed to show how she became such an integral part in the lives of the group.

The real ending made it clear that the whole show was really about Robin. It was never as suggested about meeting “The Mother,” and fans felt lied to after nine years of waiting.

Luckily, fans found out that there was an alternate ending to the show. It would be included in the box set for season nine, which would be available from September 23. While it would mean waiting five months, at least the perfect How I Met Your Mother ending was coming.

Now it seems to have been leaked. However, there is no confirmation that this is definitely the alternate ending going to be shared within the box set. There is a chance that another ending is out there for people to hopefully enjoy.

The leaked ending of How I Met Your Mother is one that many fans believe should have happened. Rather than looking into the future, Ted looks back at the last nine years. He recounts all the events that made it possible for him to meet the woman of his dreams.

Robin still plays an important part in all this. If it was not for meeting Robyn in the first episode, meeting his base-playing wife would never have been possible. It was allowing Barney and Robin the chance to marry and finding the wedding band that meant the meeting could take place.

The various dates and being left at the altar by Stella also played a part. All these events turned him into the man he needed to be to find love with Tracy. After all, it was dating Cindy that meant Ted could talk to her on the subway to find out about the wedding band after Barney and Robin’s fell through.

Just weeks after the release of the original ending, the show runners received messages to say that people were disappointed in the ending. Carter Bays, co-creator, admitted that they had tried something different and not everyone enjoyed it. There were two endings and the writers needed to select the best option for the whole story. They chose the one that was released, but want to share the alternate option for the viewers.

Rather than Tracy dying in the end, the show ends with a simple line. As the clip of Ted and Tracy meeting at the train station under the yellow umbrella is shown, Ted tells his children that that is how he met their mother. It would have been a simple ending, but one that many fans would likely have enjoyed. This is a leaked How I Met Your Mother alternate ending, but there is no confirmation that it is a real one as of the time of writing this.

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