iOS 8 Update Is Finally Here

iOS 8

The iOS 8 update to fix all the bugs is finally here. Apple is so certain that the new update is perfect that it has stopped signing the code for the iOS7 downgrade. All users are encouraged to give the new update a try. So far, iOS 8.0.2 certainly seems better that it’s two predecessors from last week.

Issues started when the new operating system was unveiled with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Users found that they did not have enough memory, some were losing data and others found that apps would not work. iOS 8.0.1 was then released, but after just an hour of it being available, users reported more problems.

People were unable to use their phones, and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the newer models stopped working. It was the final straw for many people, who took to social media to make their grievances known. The issues forced Apple to do something it never usually does; apologize!

The update was removed, and users were given the option to downgrade to the original eighth update for iOS. However, some chose to downgrade to iOS 7, as that was an option available. Now the iOS 7 downgrade has been removed, and the new iOS 8 update is finally here.

One of the biggest bugs fixed is that HealthKit apps will now work with it. This will make HealthKit compatible app developers happy. The apps had to be removed from the App Store, and developers were encouraged to avoid making them until a fix was found. Users were also encouraged to stop using them.

All users will now also be able to reach their photo libraries, while others will no longer have problem with the cellular data usage acting unexpectedly. Videos and photos will also be uploaded from Safari.

Many want to know how such a problem has occurred. It turns out that the man behind iOS 8 was also the man behind Apple’s Maps app. This was released with iOS 6 after the tech giant and Google stopped its initial working relationship. Google arranged to have its own Google Maps app placed on the App Store for users to download, and seemed to arrange it quicker than initially expected due to Apple’s problems. The Apple Maps was unable to direct people to locations properly. Users found that a location they knew was in a certain place showed up as being miles away.

Maps was updated, and Josh Williams was removed from the team. However, he was not removed from development altogether. Now he has been part of the operating system update, and it seems to have had the same catastrophic problems for the tech giant.

The Apple apology also came off as heart-hearted. During it, a spokesperson announced that fewer than 40,000 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones were affected negatively by the update. Ten million phones were purchased in the first weekend of sales. However, the announcement did not mention the number of older models being affected negatively by the update.

Users will not need to worry anymore, according to Apple. The iOS 8 update is finally here, and Apple is so certain that it is bug free that the iOS 7 downgrade is no longer signed.

By Alexandria Ingham


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