Is Floyd Mayweather Bad for Boxing?

From age 10, boxing is a sport I loved to watch. Conditioning and superior skills created an event which had my eyes tightly focused on the television. Once in a while, a match was boring, either because one of the opponents was highly overmatched, or because neither fighter was aggressive. That is what I see when Mayweather is involved in a match. There is no intent in this article to undermine or even question Mayweather’s ability. He is one of the top three greatest boxers of all time. Other factors give reason to ask the question: “Is he harmful to the sport in general?”

When he chooses to accept a match, the money must be exceptional. The Pay-per-View price is out of reach for many fans. His opponent is often no match for his talent, and the viewer has paid a great deal of money to see a boring exhibition instead of a “fight.” It often appears that he avoids actual competition. For eight years, the few “worthy” opponents he has faced lasted all 12 rounds, demonstrating his lack of ability to entirely dominate the match against evenly-matched opponents.

His record is now 47-0. Among others, Bleacher Report writer Andrew Gould is calling for Mayweather to face only top-notch opponents, as his career is coming to an end. Mayweather’s rematch with Marcos Maidana gave fans the same old Floyd Mayweather. He stayed on the defensive, picking moments to throw punches. He was never in any danger of a knockdown, and won his fifth consecutive decision victory.

The once dominate sport of professional boxing continues to lose fans. Two major factors are responsible for its decline. First and foremost is the fact that the heavyweight division is void of superstars. The Joe Louis’s, Floyd Pattersons, Mohammad Alis, Mike Tysons or George Foremans have long since left the ring. The division has lost glamour and interest. The second factor is “cage fighting.” It has other names, none of which fittingly describe the “sport.” It’s street fighting, and it appeals to a younger crowd because of its violence and pure brutality.

It has been up to the lower weight classes to keep interest in the sport alive for many years. Mayweather must be one of the standard bearers. Mayweather’s Showtime contract expires next September. He told ESPN’s Dan Rafael that he intends to retire at that point. It does not help that Mayweather has placed himself in a questionable position once more. He was ordered to report before the Nevada State Athletic Commission next week. His appearance is the result of pregame publicity. In a promo for Showtime, two exhibition fights were shown. Neither fighter had a rest break. It also depicted marijuana use in Mayweather’s Las Vegas mansion. Mayweather explained the fights by saying “The Doghouse – the rules are you fight till whoever quits.”

Francisco Aguilar, head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said their main responsibility is the health and safety of fighters. He added that they did not want to jump to any conclusions before they had received all the information. Aguilar’s concern is that the fighters could be seriously hurt in that situation due to fatigue. “I want to ensure that what they’re doing is in the best interest of the fighters,”

The other incident witnessed several young women rolling “joints.” Although Mayweather is never seen smoking, at one point he did order an assistant to purchase more rolling papers.

Is Floyd Mayweather bad for boxing? Each must have his own opinion. If someone is heavily invested in the monetary end, they will continue to love him. Fans will question whether or not it is worth the money to watch Mayweather during the next year.

Opinion by James Turnage

Bleacher Report