Jimmy Fallon Gets Help From Sesame Street Faves Like Big Bird

Jimmy Fallon

Thursday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, host Jimmy Fallon got some help for his Hashtag comedy bit from the characters of Sesame Street. Sesame Street faves, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Murray the Monster, Abby and Oscar the Grouch all assisted him with the routine. His guests were actress Jessica Chastain and actor and comedian, Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development). Also, Hugh Jackman stopped by and took a little nap on Jimmy’s couch, getting up when Fallon walked onto the stage. This is a carry-over comedy bit from last night’s episode. Fallon’s musical guest was Chris Brown.

Jimmy Fallon came into the stage to see Hugh Jackman on his couch covered with a blanket. “Was I too loud?” Jimmy asked him. Then, he yelled at him, saying “You’ll have to leave; You’ll have to leave. Get outa here!”

Jimmy Fallon

Tonight Show announcer, Steve Higgins, was joined by Jeffrey Tambor, as a “tag-team duo,” Fallon said. He added “This is the weirdest show so far.”

Here were a few jokes from Fallon’s monologue. “A new study found that millennials actually read more books than older people. Here’s some re-made classics: Great Sexpectactions, Emoji for War, Emoji for Peace, and Atlas Twerks.”

“The number of single people are at its highest level in 30 years,” Fallon said. Two people is the audience pretended to be two singles looking for love; then, they revealed that they were both writers for the show and that they really were single and looking for love.

“I’m a little hairy on my chest and belly area,” one said.

The other said his doctor told him to lose 5 pound and instead he gained 15. “My doctor will be mad at me when he sees me at my next appointment,” he said.

Jimmy Fallon made a joke about Shia LaBeouf pleading guilty for his drunken outburst at the musical Cabaret. Fallon quipped about what a hard sentence that Shia was facing, saying “I hear he’s facing up to 10 months of probation.”

Jimmy Fallon said that Glenn close will be on the show tomorrow night and Barbra Streisand will be on the show on Monday. Jessica Chastian will be his first guest. Then, the “great Jeffrey Tambor” will be his second guest. Chris Brown will be his musical guest, Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon said, “Hey, guys — it’s September and it’s back to school time. More important, it’s back to books time.” Then, he said he was going to read the titles of real books on his “Do Not Read” list.

The first one was Exercise Walking by Gary D. Wanker. Steve Higgins, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jimmy Fallon all made jokes about the author’s name.

“The next book for all you guys out there — The Joy of DeCircumcising by Jim Bigelow. The book was actually a lot longer, but they cut the end off.”

Higgins asked him: “You used to work for a guy who did circumcising, right?

“Yeah. I only worked for tips.”

“Next up is a cook book. It’s called Snacks and Sandwiches,” Fallon said. “Really?” he added. “Those look like erasers on the cover.”

The Complete Guide to Rat Training is the next book. What is this guy doing with his finger?” Fallon asked. You could see in a photo on the cover of the book a finger that was very close to a rat’s mouth. “There are three ways to stop a rat fight,” Fallon read out loud. “The first way is to clap your hands and yell ‘Stop it!’ The second way is to blow on them.”

Back from break, Fallon said “It’s time for the Hashtag segment of the show. I started a topic ‘When I was a Kid.’ I’m going to be helped out by my friends from Sesame Street. To read the first tweet, here’s Elmo.”

Elmo said,, about the set of the Tonight Show, “This is swanky!” Then, Elmo read the first tweet. “When I first read the alphabet, I thought it went A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K, Elemno P.”

Abby read one that went “When I was a kid I thought the lyrics went ‘Go, Charlotte, it’s your birthday.'”

Oscar the Grouch said “Let’s get this over with!” Then, he read “I used to slice hot dogs with the strings of my dad’s acoustic guitar. Then, I would hide them in it.”

Grover: “I was so concerned when Scottie Pippen got a cut during a game that I sent him a Band-Aid in the mail.’

Murray the Monster: “My sister would only share her popcorn if I ate it off of the floor like a chicken.’

Big Bird: “I was upset that the Sesame Street Theme Song never answered the question ‘How do I get there?’ Answer the question!”

Jimmy Fallon

“From movies like The Help and Zero Dark Thirty, and now she’s starring in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, actress Jessica Chastain! Thank you for being on my show and thank you for finally embracing social media! There’s a lot of pictures of you and your dog, Charlie Chaplin. Why do you call him Charlie Chaplin?”

“He has three legs and walks like Charlie Chaplin and walks like he’s a man with a cane,” Jessica said.

Then, she related that she got an used jukebox and had it fixed up really nicely. As a present, Jimy Fallon gave her the album Reunited by Peaches & Herb.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby — what is it about?”

“It’s a movie told from the perspectives of both the man and the woman,” Chastain told Fallon. Her husband is played by actor James McAvoy.

Jessica said it’s a romantic movie but one that is about a breakup, and there will be two different versions of it. It’s really, in effect, a trilogy. One that is divided into two movies, each told from the different perspectives; the third one is a single, more abbreviated movie, that combines the perspectives into a single movie.

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from a commercial break, Fallon introduced his second guest, Jeffrey Tambor.

“Our next guest was on Arrested Development, the Larry Sanders Show, and he is going to have his own series, Transparent,” Jimmy said.

Jeffrey said he “has five kids. I have a daughter who is in her late 40s.” Then, Jimmy talked with him about his show, Transparent. He wears a wig in the upcoming new Amazon series. The reason that he wears a woman’s wig is because he is a tranny, Mort/Mora, who is changing from a man into a woman.

“I was described in the New York Times as ‘schlumpy,'” he said. He said his daughter, Eva, who is seven, was on the set. He wanted them both to get mani/pedis on the set. He said he showed her a picture, and she said “Oh–he’s more comfortable with being a woman.”

In a scene from the series, Jeffrey is dressed with the wig on and a dress and he tells his older daughter “My whole life I dressed as a man. This is me.” After the video clip, the Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

“My next guest has an album out, X, soon. Tonight, he will have help from The Roots. Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Brown!”

Chris Brown had on red clothes with a red baseball cap on his head, turned backwards. He also was wearing sunglasses. He did an awesome choreographed dance during the song. Then, his back-up dancers continued to dance as he sang, though he would join them now and then, still singing. Brown has had anger management issues in the past, but he is definitely still a great entertainer and dancer.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from the last break of the evening, Jimmy Fallon thanked all of his guests. He had a great lineup of guests tonight, with his first guest being the beautiful actress Jessica Chastain.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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