Jimmy Fallon Plays Family Feud With Jason Segel and Steve Harvey

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, host Jimmy Fallon started off the week with guests Jason Segel (Sex Tape) and Steve Harvey (Steve Harvey) and he played a rousing game of Family Feud with both of them! Joining in the fun game was the Tonight Show‘s announcer, Steve Higgins, Ahmir-Khalib “Questlove” Thompson, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and James Poyser. Fallon’s musical guest was the amazing Alicia Keys. Questlove joined her in a fantastic performance of a song from her latest album.

Jimmy Fallon began the episode with his monologue. The audience gave him a standing ovation as he walked onto the stage. Fallon talked about people who were in the news. “Friday, President Obama made a surprise visit to Stonehenge. Even more surprising, he then visited the White House. While at Stonehenge, Biden said ‘Look at all those dominoes!'”

“Yesterday was the first NFL Sunday of the new season. This really made me laugh — the kicker of the Carolina Panthers tried to practice while the halftime band was playing,” Fallon said and then he showed a clip of the Panthers’ kicker trying to practice kicking while the band performed all around him.

“This is kind of crazy. Shaquille O’Neal has applied to be a security officer. Which is cool, until he tries to go undercover at a high school,” Fallon quipped.

After his monologue, Jimmy Fallon mentioned who his guests would be. His first guest wrote a book called Nightmares that is out now, actor — and now, author — Jason Segel! Also, Steve Harvey, who has an Emmy nominated show and a new book out, as well, will be on the show.

“We might have talked Steve into hosting a Tonight Show version of Family Feud tonight,” Fallon said. “And, Alicia Keys is here tonight, Alicia Keys!”

Jimmy Fallon

Back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon did a version of the Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey. “From New York, New York, it’s the Fallon family! And, from the city of Philadelphia, it’s The Roots family!”

To start the game, Jimmy Fallon and Questlove were supposed to “Name another term for marijuana.” Questlove got the number one answer, “Weed.”

Tariq then said “Reefer.” it was not up there.

“Reefer is a hood reference,” Steve Harvey said. “There will be only two strikes tonight. James, name another term for marijuana.”

James said “Ganja.” That was the number three response.

Questlove then said “Pot,” but that one was not up there.

“Here’s you chance to steal. Name another term for marijuana.”

“Grass,” Fallon said.

“Whose grandma was taking this survey?” Harvey asked.

“Grass” was not in the top three responses. The second answer was “Mary Jane.”

“Name an instrument which is least likely to get groupies,” Harvey said.

“Tuba,” Tariq replied. That was the number one answer.

“Accordion,” James said. It was not on the board, though.

“Who would say that?” Steve asked.

Then, Questlove said “Flute,” and it was the third answer.

Tariq tried the answer “Triangle.”

“Look at your audience! Why would they say triangle?” Harvey asked.

The Fallon family then tried to steal and Jimmy said “Trombone. I’m going to go with the trombone, Steve.” He talked directly into his microphone. However, that answer was not up there. The second answer was “Bass.”

The third round began. “This one is worth triple the points so it’s anyone’s game. Fill in the blank. ‘I love to play with my what?”

Steve Higgins buzzed in first, and said “Ding dong.” That answer was not on the board. James answered “Balls.”

Steve Harvey said “Nobody goes past their ding dong to their — nobody goes past it!” That reply was not in the top three. Steve Harvey announced that the winners were the Questlove family. It was a pretty hilarious comedy bit.

“Please welcome our pal, Jason Segel!” Fallon said. “Thank you for playing Family Feud with me.”

“I was on Family Feud,” Jason relates. He was on it with Seth and others.”We killed it,” he said.

“The show is really popular in Italy, but they don’t know me as Jason Segel. They know me as Marshall.” He said that a chef who asked to have his picture taken with him said “You are not so stupid in person.”

Jason Segel said the book, Nightmares, was for kids. He explained that he had nightmares when he was a kid and he wanted to write a trilogy for kids.

“What nightmares did you have a as kid?”

“I had a recurring nightmare of witches eating my toes,” Segel replied.

Jimmy Fallon said it is something that people say to babies sometimes, but that it probably was not so great to hear it if you were a kid. Imagining that some witch or giant wanted to eat your toes probably would not be so pleasant. Then, Fallon said after the break, the show would return with Steve Harvey.

Jimmy Fallon

“We’re joined now by a hilarious and very funny man, the all-time greatest host of Family Feud and author of Act Like A Success, Think Like a Success, Steve Harvey! You seem like you’re chipper, like you’re in a great mood, like youre going to murder someone…”

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened. I’m on a green diet, and everything is raw.”

“That should you make you feel very energetic.”

“I feel like I’m dying. I drank some green drink this morning and I don’t know what was in it, but I swear it was gorilla piss.”

“This is what you should feel like at your age,” Fallon said, and gave him a gray wig to put on.

“Nobody else does this on their show,” Harvey said, but he put on the wig. Then Fallon gave him a bushy fake mustache to wear and glasses.

Jimmy Fallon said “You tackle serious issues but in a funny way. If you’re going to do it, do it in a funny way.”

“Everybody can learn the principles of success,” Steve Harvey said. “Look, I flunked out of college, I had two divorces and lived out of a car. God put a gift in every last one of us. Everybody has a gift, something that they do, and that is their greatest chance of success in their lives.”

“Alicia Keys will be next, everybody!” Jimmy Fallon said and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon introduced Alicia Keys right after the break. She played the piano as she sang. There was a white Peace symbol on the top of her piano. Behind her, the words Education, Peace, Freedom, Change, Education, Joy, Truth and many others were projected, words of peace and inspiration to everybody. The song was We Are Here, a very beautiful song about why we are all here on this planet. It sort of reminded me, message-wise, of Imagine by John Lennon.

That was the end of this Monday episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, other than Jimmy coming back after a commercial break to thank his guests and say goodbye to everyone. Jason Segel is always pretty funny, as is Steve Harvey, so it was a great way to start off the week. Alica Keys was classy and lovely, as usual, and hearing her sing the song We Are Here and play the piano was a really cool way to conclude the episode.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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